Minneapolis Lakers
Uniform Numbers

1947-48 Minneapolis Lakers

Compiled by Stew Thornley, Author of Basketball’s Original Dynasty: The History of the Lakers, and George R. Rekela

Uniform Numbers worn by the Minneapolis Lakers of the National Basketball League (1947-48), Basketball Association of America (1948-49), and National Basketball Association (1948-60):
10 Herm Schaefer, Kevin O'Shea
11 Paul Napolitano, Billy Hassett, Lew Hitch, Frank Selvy
12 Don Smith, Gene Stump, Ed Beach, Howie Schultz, Jim Holstein, Alex "Boo" Ellis
13 Tony Jaros, Bud Grant
14 Earl Gardner, Paul Walther, Larry Foust, Ray Felix
15 Don "Swede" Carlson, Joe Hutton, Dick Schnittker, Howie Schultz
16 Bob Gerber, Johnny Jorgensen, Bob Harrison, Kevin O'Shea, Dick Garmaker
17 Jim Pollard
18 Don "Swede" Carlson, Arnie Ferrin, John Pilch, Frank "Pep" Saul
19 Jack Dwan, Vern Mikkelsen
20 Bill Durkee, Bud Grant, Ed "Whitey" Kachan, Myer "Whitey" Skoog, Tom Hawkins
21 Bob "Slick" Leonard
22 Don Smith, Don Forman, Slater Martin, Elgin Baylor
23 Ed Kalafat
24 Jim Pollard, Herm Schaefer
27 Corky Devlin, Steve Hamilton
32 Jim Krebs
33 Hot Rod Hundley
34 Clyde Lovellette
35 Rudy LaRusso
70 Ed Fleming, Frank Selvy
88 Jack Dwan
99 George Mikan

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