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Alabama (1)
Tuscaloosa Memorial Park, 5434 Old Birmingham Highway, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35404-4658, 205-553-3141
    Joe Sewell—Section 2, Block 9, Lot 6 (Latitude: N 33º 12’ 07.0”, Longitude W 87º 27’ 46.4”)**

Arizona (1)
Green Acres Cemetery, 401 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85257-4602, 480-945-2654
    Jocko Conlan—Garden of Love, Lot 39, Space 2 (Latitude: N 33º 27’ 08.0”, Longitude W 111º 54’ 28.2”)

Arkansas (3)
Roselawn Memorial Park, 2801 Asher Avenue, Little Rock, Arkansas 72204-5632, 501-663-0248
    Bill Dickey—Center Lawn, Number 193, Grave 2 (Latitude: N 34º 43’ 46.0”, Longitude W 92º 18’ 23.3”)

Swifton Cemetery, Jackson County Road 75, 2/10 west of U. S. Hwy. 67, Swifton, Arkansas 72471
    George Kell (Latitude: N 35º 49’ 19.9”, Longitude W 91º 08’ 17.7”)

Waldo Cemetery, Columbia County Road 27 and U. S. Hwy. 82, Waldo, Arkansas 71770
    Travis Jackson (Latitude: N 33º 19’ 29.2”, Longitude W 93º 17’ 51.3”)

California (23)
Aptos Cemetery, adjacent to Resurrection Church, 7600 Soquel Drive, Aptos, California 95003-3822
    Harry Hooper—Above-ground crypt in the middle of the cemetery

Eagleville Cemetery, west side of Main Street north of town, Eagleville, California 96110
    Joseph “Arky” Vaughan (Latitude: N 41º 19’ 20.5”, Longitude W 120º 07’ 06.3”)

Masonic Cemetery, 1177 Santa Margarita Drive, Fallbrook, California 92028, 760-980-0013
    Duke Snider—Elm Section, Row V, Lot 9 (Latitude: N 33º 23’ 28.6”, Longitude W 117º 14’ 23.6”)

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area
Evergreen Cemetery, 204 N. Evergreen, Los Angeles, California 90033, 323-268-6714
    James Raleigh “Biz” Mackey—Section G, Lot 293 (Latitude: N 34º 02’ 24.1”, Longitude W 118º 11’ 55.9”)

Forest Lawn Glendale, 1712 S. Glendale Avenue, Glendale, California 91205, 800-204-3131
    Casey Stengel—Court of Freedom, Long Crypt 6A, Block 7060 (Latitude: N 34º 07’ 21.4”, Longitude W 118º 14’ 14.6”)
    (Don Drysdale had been in the Utility Columbarium in the Memorial Terrace in the Great Mausoleum, Niche 54094, at Forest Lawn Glendale until his urn was picked up by the family in February 2002.)

Holy Cross Cemetery, 5835 W. Slauson Avenue, Culver City, California 90230-6500, 310-670-7697
    Effa Manley and Walter O’Malley—Manley in Section R, Tier 35, Grave 28 (Latitude: N 33º 59’ 34.9”, Longitude W 118º 23’ 17.7”); O’Malley in Section P, Lot 526, Grave 5 (Latitude: N 33º 59’ 35.8”, Longitude W 118º 23’ 05.7”)

Inglewood Park Cemetery, 3803 West Manchester Boulevard, Inglewood, California 90301, 310-412-6500
    Bobby Wallace and Sam Crawford—Wallace in Grave A, Lot 226 (Latitude: N 33º 57’ 43.7”, Longitude W 118º 20’ 25.4”); Crawford in Lot 475, Resthaven (Latitude: N 33º 58’ 22.9”, Longitude W 118º 20’ 12.5”)

Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, 6300 Forest Lawn Drive, Los Angeles, California 90068, 323-254-7251
    Leo Durocher—Revelation, Plot 3211 (Latitude: N 34º 08’ 44.7”, Longitude W 118º 19’ 25.0”)

Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary, 6001 West Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90045, 310-641-0707
    Hank Greenberg—Courts of the Book Lawn Crypts, Section V, Isaiah (Latitude: N 33º 58’ 46.8”, Longitude W 118º 23’ 16.5”)

Rosedale Cemetery, 1831 W. Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90007, 323-734-3155
    Frank Chance—Section N, Lot 109, Grave 2 Northeast (Latitude: N 34º 02’ 34.8”, Longitude W 118º 17’ 50.7”)

Rose Hills Memorial Park, 3888 Workman Mill Road, Whittier, California 90601, 562-699-0921
    Tom Lasorda—The Gardens, Section 1, Lot 1824, Grave 2

Dearborn Memorial Park, 14361 Tierra Bonita Road, Poway, California 92064, 858-748-5760
    Tony Gwynn—Section E, Lot 28, Grave 2 (Latitude: N 32º 58’ 22.0”, Longitude W 117º 01’ 34.6”)

Holy Cross Cemetery, 2121 Spring Street, St. Helena, California 94574-2349, 707-963-1703
    Chick Hafey—Outdoor mausoleums on the northeast side of the cemetery. Second building facing a vineyard to the east, bottom row, second from right, Mausoleum B, Side 2, Crypt 79 (Latitude: N 38º 29’ 42.5”, Longitude W 122º 28’ 28.2”)

Cypress View Mausoleum, 3953 Imperial Avenue, San Diego, California 92113-1794, 619-263-3151
    Bid McPhee—North Building, Shepherd Lane, Section 4, Niche 98 (third niche from bottom, sixth from the left on the wall between corridors 3 and 4), (Latitude: N 32º 42’ 18.0”, Longitude W 117º 06’ 32.2”)

San Francisco-Oakland Metropolitan Area
Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, 1370 El Camino Real, Colma, California 94014, 650-755-0580
    Willie McCovey—East Side Gardens-K, Lot 219, Row 12 (along Acacia Avenue)

Holy Cross Cemetery, 1500 Old Mission Road, Colma, California 94014, 650-756-2060
    George Kelly and Joe DiMaggio—Kelly in Section U, Row 59, Area 49 (Latitude: N 37º 40’ 27.9”, Longitude W 122º 26’ 48.4”); DiMaggio in Section I, Row 11, Area 6/7 (Latitude: N 37º 40’ 16.3”, Longitude W 122º 26’ 45.4”)

Sunset Mausoleum, 101 Colusa Avenue, El Cerrito, California 94530-4118, 510-526-6212
    Tony Lazzeri (Latitude: N 37º 54’ 26.6”, Longitude W 122º 17’ 10.0”)

Mountain View Cemetery, 5000 Piedmont, Oakland, California 94611-4294, 510-658-2588
    Ernie Lombardi—Outside Garden Mausoleum II, Crypt 342, Tier 5

Rolling Hills Memorial Park, 4100 Hilltop Drive, Richmond, California 94803, 510-223-6161
    Joe Morgan

Mount Tamalpais Cemetery, 2500 5th Avenue, San Rafael, California 94901, 415-459-2500
    Vernon “Lefty” Gomez—Garden of Devotion, Lot 75, Grave 7 (Latitude: N 37º 59’ 15.4”, Longitude W 122º 33’ 15.4”)

Santa Barbara Cemetery, 901 Channel Drive, Santa Barbara, California 93108-2828, 805-969-3231
    Eddie Mathews—Ocean View Triangle, Lot 151, South Half Quadrant, Grave 5 (Latitude: N 34º 25’ 06”, Longitude W 119º 39’ 17.5”)

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Connecticut (4)
St. Michael’s Cemetery, 2205 Stratford Avenue, Stratford, Connecticut 06615-6489, 203-378-0404
    Jim O’Rourke—Section 2, Monument 10 (Latitude: N 41º 11’ 01.3”, Longitude W 73º 09’ 03.8”)

Cedar Hill Cemetery, 453 Fairfield Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06114-2718, 860-956-3311
    Morgan Bulkeley—Section 1 (Latitude: N 41º 43’ 15.7”, Longitude W 72º 41’ 57.6”)

Evergreen Cemetery, 769 Ella T. Grasso Boulevard (formerly 92 Winthrop Avenue), New Haven, Connecticut 06519-5558, 203-624-5505
    George Weiss—Section: Catalpa Avenue, Plot: 39, Grave: 2 (Latitude: N 41º 17’ 56.4”, Longitude W 72º 56’ 50.3”)

Old St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Hamilton Avenue and Silver Street, Waterbury, Connecticut 06706
    Roger Connor—Section D, Lot 333, Grave 6 (Latitude: N 41º 32’ 41.1”, Longitude W 73º 01’ 25.5”)

Delaware (3)
St. John’s Cemetery, W. Park Place and Elkton Road, Newark, Delaware 19711
    Vic Willis (Latitude: N 39º 40’ 27.7”, Longitude W 75º 45’ 55.7”)

Cathedral Cemetery, 2400 Lancaster Avenue, Wilmington, Delaware 19805-3737, 302-656-3323
    Bill McGowan—Section 3-B, West Plot, Lot 124, Grave 1 (Latitude: N 39º 44’ 43.3”, Longitude W 75º 34’ 51.8”)

Silverbrook Cemetery, 3300 Lancaster Pike, Wilmington, Delaware 19805-1435, 302-658-0953
    William “Judy” Johnson (Latitude: N 39º 44’ 56.0”, Longitude W 75º 35’ 33.6”)

Florida (16)
Daytona Memorial Park, 1425 Bellevue Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida 32114-3938, 386-253-7603
    Nap Lajoie—Section A, Lot 70, Space 4 (Latitude: N 29º 11’ 13.6”, Longitude W 81º 02’ 22.1”)

Stage Stand Cemetery, East Side of U. S. Hwy. 19, 1/4 mile south of Yulee Road, Homosassa Springs, Florida 34447
    Dazzy Vance—Section 4 (Latitude: N 28º 47’ 45.1”, Longitude W 82º 34’ 22.1”)

Evergreen Cemetery, 4535 N. Main Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32206-1435, 904-353-3649
    Bill Terry—Garden Cloister Mausoleum, Project F, Unit 3, Section C (Latitude: N 30º 22’ 04.1”, Longitude W 81º 39’ 03.5”)

Miami Metropolitan Area
Graceland Memorial Park, 4580 SW 8th Street, Coral Gables, Florida 33134-2543, 305-446-2922
    Bill Klem—Section H, Block 23, Lot 10, Grave 4 (Latitude: N 25º 45’ 47.0”, Longitude W 80º 16’ 10.3”)

Flagler Memorial Park, 5301 W. Flagler Street, Miami, Florida 33134, 305-446-7625
    Jimmie Foxx—Garden Cross-Good Shepherd Section, Lot 1271 (Latitude: N 25º 46’ 19.8”, Longitude W 80º 17’ 05.6”)

Woodlawn Park North Cemetery and Mausoleum, 3216 SW 8th Street, Miami, Florida 33135, 305-445-5425
    Max Carey—Section 25, Lot 9, Grave 42 (Latitude: N 25º 45’ 27.9”, Longitude W 80º 14’ 49.8”)

Forest Lawn North, 200 West Copans Road, Pompano Beach, Florida 33064, 954-523-6700
    Ed Walsh—Fountain Garden #2, Lot 101, Space 4 (Latitude: N 26º 15’ 35.6”, Longitude W 80º 07’ 30.1”)

Greenwood Cemetery, 1603 Greenwood Street, Orlando, Florida 32801, 407-246-2616
    Joe Tinker—Section L, Lot 21 (Latitude: N 28º 32’ 00.5”, Longitude W 81º 21’ 30.0”)

Fountainhead Memorial, 7303 Babcock Street SE, Palm Bay, Florida 32909, 321-727-3977
    Ray Dandridge—Chapel of Peace Mausoleum (Latitude: N 27º 57’ 49.6”, Longitude W 80º 37’ 11.6”)

Tampa-St. Petersburg Metropolitan Area
Manasota Memorial Cemetery, 1221 53rd Avenue East, Bradenton, Florida 34203-4807, 941-755-2688
    Bill McKechnie and Paul Waner—McKechnie in Section L, Lot 185, Space 1 (Latitude: N 27º 26’ 49.2”, Longitude W 82º 33’ 01.6”); Waner in Section L, Lot 164, Space 1 (Latitude: N 27º 26’ 48.2”, Longitude W 82º 33’ 01.4”)

Palms Memorial Park, 170 Honore Avenue, Sarasota, Florida 34232-2373, 941-371-4962
    Hoyt Wilhelm—Field of Honor East, 132-D1 (Latitude: N 27º 20’ 08.6”, Longitude W 82º 27’ 51.5”)

Sarasota Memorial Park, 5833 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Florida 34231-3927, 941-924-1993
    Heinie Manush—Lot 18E, Block E, Garden of Devotion (Latitude: N 27º 16’ 08.0”, Longitude W 82º 31’ 43.1”)

Garden of Memories Cemetery, 4207 E. Lake Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33610-8035, 813-626-3161
    Al Lopez—Chapel of Lights Mausoleum, Project A, Unit 1, Section C, Level 3 (Latitude: N 27º 58’ 51.7”, Longitude W 82º 24’ 34.2”)

Riverside Memorial Park, 19351 County Line Road, Tequesta, Florida 33469-2145, 561-747-1100
    Billy Herman and Gary Carter—Herman in Heritage Hall Mausoleum, Wall G, Level 2, Unit B (Latitude: N 26º 58’ 20.1”, Longitude W 80º 06’ 24.1”); Carter (Latitude: N 26º 58’ 19.1”, Longitude W 80º 06’ 22.1”)

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Georgia (5)

Atlanta Metropolitan Area
South View Cemetery, 1900 Jonesboro Road SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30315, 404-622-5393
    Henry Aaron (Latitude: N 33º 42’ 5.0”, Longitude W 84º 22’ 25.1”)

Sawnee View Gardens, 1390 Dahlonega Highway (Hwy. 306), Cumming, Georgia 30040-4537, 770-887-2387
    Luke Appling—Mausoleum, Chapel West, Crypt 140 (3rd level from bottom), (Latitude: N 34º 14’ 11.5”, Longitude W 84º 07’ 18.5”)

Yonah View Memorial Gardens, 255 Central Avenue (441 Historic Highway South), Demorest, Georgia 30535, 706-778-8599
    John Mize—Sunset Hills Section 1, Lot J-5, Grave 4 (Latitude: N 34º 33’ 16.4”, Longitude W 83º 32’ 50.7”)

Memorial Park Cemetery, 4121 Falcon Parkway, Flowery Beach, Georgia 30542, 770-967-5555
    Phil Niekro (Latitude: N 34º 12’ 5.9”, Longitude W 83º 53’ 5.1”)

Rosehill Cemetery, Route 17, Royston, Georgia 30663
    Ty Cobb (Latitude: N 34º 16’ 41.2”, Longitude W 83º 06’ 24.1”)

Hawaii (1)
Oahu Cemetery, 2162 Nuuana Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817-1771, 808-538-1538
    Alexander Cartwright—Section 5, Lot 184 (Latitude: N 21º 19’ 29.5”, Longitude W 157º 50’ 59.3”)

Idaho (1)
Riverside Cemetery, 1969 River Road, Payette, Idaho 83661, 208-642-3434
    Harmon Killebrew (Latitude: N 44º 05’ 42.4”, Longitude W 116º 56’ 01.6”)

Illinois (17)
Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, 302 East Miller Street, Bloomington, Illinois 61701-6727, 309-827-6950
    Charles “Old Hoss” Radbourne—Section 17 (Latitude: N 40º 28’ 04.2”, Longitude W 88º 59’ 17.2”)

Chicago Metropolitan Area
Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery, 6001 W. 111th Street, Alsip, Illinois 60803-6072, 708-422-3020
    John P. “Pete” Hill — Section 36, Block 10, Lot 20, Grave 3 (Latitude: N 41º 41’ 08.7”, Longitude: W 87º 45’ 40.8”)

Lincoln Cemetery, 12300 Kedzie Avenue, Blue Island, Illinois 60406, 773-445-5400
    Andrew “Rube” Foster—Section 6 (Latitude: N 41º 40’ 15.7”, Longitude W 87º 42’ 04.9”)

Graceland Cemetery, 4001 N. Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois 60613, 773-525-1105
    William Hulbert (Latitude: N 41º 57’ 30.4”, Longitude W 87º 39’ 38.4”) and Ernie Banks, Willomere Section, Lot 19/20, Sublot 11, Grave 1 (Latitude: N 41º 57’ 36.3”, Longitude W 87º 39’ 37.6”)

Oak Woods Cemetery, 1035 E. 67th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637-4726, 773-288-3800
    Capt. Adrian Anson and Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis—Anson in Section E, Lot 4, Grave 10 (Latitude: N 41º 46’ 11.0”, Longitude W 87º 35’ 56.6”); Landis in Section J, Lot 1, Grave 123 (Latitude: N 41º 46’ 02.7”, Longitude W 87º 35’ 58.5”)

All Saints Cemetery, 700 N. River Road, Des Plaines, Illinois 60016-1270, 847-298-0450
    Gabby Hartnett and Freddy Lindstrom—Hartnett in Section 38, Block 48, Lot 6, Grave 4 (Latitude: N 42º 03’ 36.7”, Longitude W 87º 53’ 40.3”); Lindstrom in Section 4, Block 9, Lot 10 S 1/2, Grave 4 (Latitude: N 42º 03’ 38.8”, Longitude W 87º 53’ 20.8”)

Calvary Catholic Cemetery, 301 Chicago Avenue, Evanston, Illinois 60202, 847-864-3050
    Charles Comiskey—Section M, Block 8, Lot 58 (Latitude: N 42º 01’ 32.3”, Longitude W 87º 40’ 39.4”) and Hank O’Day—Section Y, Block 23, Lot N8 (Latitude: N 42º 01’ 30.3”, Longitude W 87º 40’ 05.9”)

Evergreen Cemetery, 8700 S. Kedzie Avenue, Evergreen Park, Illinois 60805-1097, 773-776-8434
    Ray Schalk—Oakland Section, Lot 124, Part 1, Grave 5 (Latitude: N 41º 43’ 59.2”, Longitude W 87º 42’ 20.8”)

Pleasant Hill Cemetery, East side of Elsner Road, 1/2 mile south of U. S. Rte. 30 (Lincoln Highway), Frankfort, Illinois
    Lou Boudreau (Latitude: N 41º 29’ 59.6”, Longitude W 87º 51’ 56.3”)

Acacia Park Cemetery, 7800 W. Irving Park Road, Norridge, Illinois 60634-2135, 773-625-7800
    Urban “Red” Faber—Rose Section, Block 5, Lot SE2, Grave 2 (Latitude: N 41º 57’ 17.2”, Longitude W 87º 49’ 51.1”)

Memorial Park Cemetery, 9900 Gross Point Road, Skokie, Illinois 60076-1196
    William Harridge—Mausoleum, Room 10-R, Chapel Floor (Latitude: N 42º 03’ 34.7”, Longitude W 87º 44’ 44.9”)

Restland Cemetery, Northeast corner of 22nd Street and Route 251, Mendota, Illinois 61342, 815-539-5845
    Deacon White—East Addition, Lot 18, Grave 1 (Latitude: N 41º 33’ 56.7”, Longitude W 89º 07’ 32.5”)

Riverside Cemetery, 6th Avenue and 29th Street, Moline, Illinois, 309-797-0790
    Warren Giles (Latitude: N 41º 30’ 20.8”, Longitude W 90º 29’ 26.9”)

Indiana (6)
Floral Park Cemetery, 3659 Cossell Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46222-4999, 317-241-9311
    Oscar Charleston—Lot 4-K8-6-4 (Latitude: N 39º 46’ 00.5”, Longitude W 86º 13’ 14.0”)

Holy Cross/St. Joseph Cemeteries, Meridian Street and Pleasant Run Parkway, Indianapolis, Indiana, 317-784-4439
    Chuck Klein—Section D (Latitude: N 39º 43’ 55.6”, Longitude W 86º 09’ 45.8”)

St. Joseph Polish Roman Catholic Cemetery, 24980 State Rd. 2, South Bend, Indiana 46619-5527, 574-282-1322
    Stan Coveleski—P. C. 3 (Latitude: N 41º 40’ 10.3”, Longitude W 86º 20’ 54.3”)

Montgomery Cemetery, 200 S., 1/5 mile east of 1200 E., Oakland City, Indiana 47660
    Edd Roush (Latitude: N 38º 19’ 32.9”, Longitude W 87º 20’ 30.7”)

Riverside Cemetery, W. Wayne Street, one block west of S. West Street, Spencer, Indiana 47460, 812-829-3551
    Ban Johnson (Latitude: N 39º 16’ 58.2”, Longitude W 86º 46’ 04.5”)

Roselawn Memorial Park, 7500 N. Clinton Street, Terre Haute, Indiana 47805-1215, 812-466-5221
    Mordecai “Three-Fingered” Brown—Section J-218-1 (Latitude: N 39º 33’ 18.6”, Longitude W 87º 22’ 16.2”)

Kansas (1)
St. Mary’s Cemetery, E. 12th Street between Wheat Road and Alexander Avenue, Winfield, Kansas 67156
    Fred Clarke—Block D, Section 3, Lot 10 (Latitude: N 37º 14’ 18.1”, Longitude W 96º 58’ 21.5”)

Kentucky (4)
St. Stephen Cemetery, 1523 Alexandria Pike, Fort Thomas, Kentucky 41075, 859-441-0067
    Jim Bunning—Section 18, Lot 148, Grave 1 (Latitude: N 39º 03’ 0.49”, Longitude W 84º 27’ 12.7”)

Resthaven Memorial Park, 4400 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40218-3236, 502-491-5950
    Harold “Pee Wee” Reese—Section 11, Lot 1182, Grave 5 (Latitude: N 38º 10’ 47.9”, Longitude W 85º 37’ 58.8”)

Richmond Cemetery, 606 E. Main Street, Richmond, Kentucky 40475-1652, 859-623-2529
    Earle Combs—Section T, Lot 40 (Latitude: N 37º 44’ 26.5”, Longitude W 84º 17’ 35.1”)

Pisgah Presbyterian Church, 710 Pisgah Road, Versailles, Kentucky 40383-9215, 859-873-4161
    A. B. “Happy” Chandler (Latitude: N 38º 03’ 16.3”, Longitude W 84º 39’ 18.7”)

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Louisiana (2)
Metairie Cemetery, 5100 Pontchartrain Boulevard, New Orleans, Louisiana 70124, 504-486-6331
    Mel Ott—Section 146 (Avenue Q, 1 block east of Avenue H), (Latitude: N 29º 59’ 05.3”, Longitude W 90º 06’ 57.3”)

Big Woods Cemetery, Hwy. 388 and Big Woods Cemetery Road (2.4 miles north of the Edgerly Cutoff), Edgerly, Louisiana
    Ted Lyons (Latitude: N 30º 16’ 09.8”, Longitude W 93º 30’ 22.6”)

Maryland (13)

Baltimore Metropolitan Area
Arbutus Memorial Park, 1101 Sulphur Spring Road, Arbutus, Maryland 21227, 410-242-2700
    Leon Day and Ben Taylor—Day in Section U, Lot 33, Space 1 (Latitude: N 39º 14’ 36.7”, Longitude W 76º 42’ 24.8”); Taylor in Section K, Lot 451, Space 1 (Latitude: N 39º 14’ 38.7”, Longitude W 76º 42’ 24.0”)

Baltimore Hebrew Cemetery, 2100 Belair Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21213-1335
    Richard “Rube” Marquard—Division 8, Section 13, Lot 147, Grave 1 (Latitude: N 39º 19’ 01.5”, Longitude W 76º 34’ 50.6”)

New Cathedral Cemetery, 4300 Old Frederick Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21229-2899, 410-566-7770
    Wilbert Robinson, Ned Hanlon, Joe Kelley, John McGraw—Robinson in Lot 70-YY (Latitude: N 39º 17’ 24.3”, Longitude W 76º 40’ 51.8”); Hanlon in Lot 6-HH (Latitude: N 39º 17’ 16.1”, Longitude W 76º 40’ 57.4”); Kelley in Lot 319-MM (Latitude: N 39º 17’ 14.0”, Longitude W 76º 41’ 02.2”); McGraw in Lot 187-L (Latitude: N 39º 17’ 21.4”, Longitude W 76º 41’ 04.2”)

Spring Hill Cemetery of Talbot County, Hanson Street and Aurora Street, Easton, Maryland
    Frank “Home Run” Baker—Division K, Section 38 (Latitude: N 38º 46’ 41.6”, Longitude W 76º 04’ 26.9”)

Frostburg Memorial Park, 70 Green Street, Frostburg, Maryland 21532-1963, 301-689-6460
    Robert “Lefty” Grove—Section 9, Lot 94 (Latitude: N 39º 38’ 51.5”, Longitude W 78º 55’ 13.1”)

Washington Metropolitan Area
Fort Lincoln Cemetery, 3401 Bladensburg Road, Brentwood, Maryland 20722-1897, 301-864-5090
    Clark Griffith (Latitude: N 38º 55’ 45.1”, Longitude W 76º 57’ 19.5”)

Woodside Cemetery, Haviland Mill Road, ½ mile northeast of S. R. 650 (New Hampshire Avenue), Brinklow, Maryland 20862
    Sam Rice (Latitude: N 39º 10’ 16.0”, Longitude W 77º 00’ 26.9”)

Rockville Union Cemetery, 1 mile east of Highway 28 on Baltimore Road, Rockville, Maryland
    Walter Johnson (Latitude: N 39º 05’ 06.0”, Longitude W 77º 07’ 31.3”)

Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, 4001 Suitland Road, Suitland, Maryland 20746-1952, 301-568-8410
    Smokey Joe Williams—Section D, Lot 543, Site 8 (Latitude: N 38º 51’ 25.4”, Longitude W 76º 56’ 54.8”)

(Jud Wilson in Arlington National Cemetery is also in the Washington metropolitan area. See Virginia for more details.)

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Massachusetts (15)

Boston Metropolitan Area
Holyhood Cemetery, Heath Street, Brookline, Massachusetts
    George Wright—Field of St. Mary (Latitude: N 42º 19’ 11.0”, Longitude W 71º 10’ 04.9”)

Cambridge Cemetery, 76 Coolidge Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138-5524, 617-349-4890
    John Clarkson and Tim Keefe—Clarkson on Lawn Avenue, Lot 828 (Latitude: N 42º 22’ 07.7”, Longitude W 71º 08’ 13.3”); Keefe on Elogium Path, Lot 6206 (Latitude: N 42º 22’ 07.4”, Longitude W 71º 08’ 18.0”)

Mount Hope Cemetery, 355 Walk Hill Street, Mattapan, Massachusetts 02126-3148, 617-635-7361
    Mike “King” Kelly—Lot 1650, Grave 21, Walnut Avenue (Latitude: N 42º 16’ 56.5”, Longitude W 71º 06’ 19.3”)

Wyoming Cemetery, 205 Sylvan Street, Melrose, Massachusetts 02176-5428, 781-665-0405
    Frank Selee—Pine Banks Section, Lot 200 (Latitude: N 42º 26’ 43.8”, Longitude W 71º 03’ 44.1”)

St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Pond Street, Natick, Massachusetts 01760, 508-655-2846
    Tommy Connolly—Section I-1 (Latitude: N 42º 16’ 37.9”, Longitude W 71º 22’ 07.1”)

Mount Calvary Cemetery, 366 Cummins Highway (Harvard Street and Cummins Highway), Roslindale, Massachusetts 02131, 617-325-6830
    Hugh Duffy and Tommy McCarthy—Duffy in ½ Lot 45, Section 3, Maple Avenue (Latitude: N 42º 16’ 36.3”, Longitude W 71º 06’ 31.5”); McCarthy in Grave 74, Range 26, Section 9 (Latitude: N 42º 16’ 43.7”, Longitude W 71º 06’ 49.2”)

Linwood Cemetery, U. S. Hwy. 20 and Linwood Avenue, Weston, Massachusetts 02493, 781-893-8695
    Eddie Collins (Latitude: N 42º 21’ 45.6”, Longitude W 71º 18’ 24.1”)

St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, Pine Street (½ mile off Strawberry Hill Road), Centerville, Massachusetts
    Joe Cronin—Section 6, Row D, Lot 6 (Latitude: N 41º 39’ 0.0”, Longitude W 70º 20’ 1.5”)

Howland Cemetery, Shelburne Falls Road, Conway, Massachusetts 01341
    Jack Chesbro (Latitude: N 42º 30’ 49.0”, Longitude W 72º 41’ 47.4”)

Eastwood Cemetery, Old Common Road, Lancaster, Massachusetts 01523
    Billy Hamilton—Border Avenue, Lot 207, Grave 15 (Latitude: N 42º 26’ 26.4”, Longitude W 71º 39’ 14.9”)

St. Michael’s Cemetery, 1601 State Street, Springfield, Massachusetts 01109-2597, 413-733-0659
    Walter “Rabbit” Maranville—Section Holy Family B, Lot 206, Grave 5 (Latitude: N 42º 07’ 22.0”, Longitude W 72º 32’ 25.4”)

Aspen Grove Cemetery, 95 Pleasant Street, Ware, Massachusetts 01082, 413-967-9626
    Candy Cummings—Section G (Latitude: N 42º 15’ 53.8”, Longitude W 72º 14’ 40.7”)

St. John’s Cemetery, 260 Cambridge Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01603, 508-757-7415
    Jesse Burkett—Rosary Section, Range 12, Lot 135 (Latitude: N 42º 14’ 28.2”, Longitude W 71º 49’ 01.1”)

Michigan (7)
Elkland Township Cemetery, 6897 Cass City Road, Cass City, Michigan 48726-9676, 517-872-1112
    Larry MacPhail—Block 5, Lot 178 (Latitude: N 43º 36’ 01.9”, Longitude W 83º 09’ 24.1”)

Detroit Metropolitan Area
Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery, 21661 E. 14 Mile Road, Clinton Township, Michigan 48035-4101, 586-791-3486
    Norman “Turkey” Stearnes—Section 1600, Row 4, Grave 20 (Latitude: N 42º 32’ 36.8”, Longitude W 82º 53’ 38.1”)

Elmwood Cemetery, 1200 Elmwood Street, Detroit, Michigan 48207-3897, 313-567-3453
    Sam Thompson—Section 2, Lot 22 (Latitude: N 42º 21’ 05.9”, Longitude W 83º 01’ 15.0”)

Oakland Hills Memorial Gardens, 43300 W. 12 Mile Road, Novi, Michigan 48377-3017, 248-349-2784
    Hal Newhouser—Masonic Garden, Lot 195-A, Grave 3 (Latitude: N 42º 29’ 59.6”, Longitude W 83º 28’ 15.7”)

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, 25800 W. 10 Mile Road, Southfield, Michigan 48034-2802, 248-350-1900
    Charlie Gehringer and Harry Heilmann—Gehringer in Section 118W, Mausoleum, Crypt D4 (Latitude: N 42º 28’ 33.3”, Longitude W 83º 18’ 07.6”); Heilmann in Section 16, Lot 324, Grave 4 (Latitude: N 42º 28’ 56.5”, Longitude W 83º 18’ 08.5”)

St. Anne Cemetery, U. S. Hwy. 23 (about 1 mile south of town), Harrisville, Michigan
    Hazen S. “Kiki” Cuyler (Latitude: N 44º 38’ 40.1”, Longitude W 83º 18’ 14.0”)

Mississippi (2)
Bond Cemetery, Bond, Mississippi (in town to the east side of U. S. Hwy. 49)
    Dizzy Dean (Latitude: N 30º 53’ 24.9”, Longitude W 89º 09’ 42.7”)

Carbondale Cemetery, S. R. 552, 3.5 miles northwest of Alcorn and 1.6 miles southeast of the Windsor Ruins, Claiborne County, Mississippi
    Bill Foster (Latitude: N 31º 55’ 02.1”, Longitude W 91º 08’ 05.1”)

Missouri (16)
Riverside Cemetery, State Route 79, Hannibal, Missouri
    Jake Beckley (Latitude: N 39º 42’ 02.0”, Longitude W 91º 20’ 29.2”)

Blue Ridge Lawn Memorial Gardens, 2640 South Blue Ridge Blvd., Kansas City, Missouri 64129, 816-836-3554
    Wilber “Bullet” Rogan—Section 4 (Latitude: N 39º 04’ 29.7”, Longitude W 94º 28’ 25.3”)

Forest Hill & Calvary Cemetery, 6901 Troost Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64131-1510, 816-523-2114
    Zack Wheat, Satchel Paige, and Buck O’Neil—Wheat is in Block 101, Lot 137, Space 7 (Latitude: N 39º 00’ 11.3”, Longitude W 94º 34’ 03.8”); Paige is on Paige Island between Sections 51 and 38 (Latitude: N 39º 00’ 01.9”, Longitude W 94º 34’ 13.2”); O’Neil is in Garden of the Last Supper (Latitude: N 39º 00’ 11.7”, Longitude W 94º 34’ 16.0”)

Mount Moriah & Freeman Cemetery, 10507 Holmes Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64131-3495, 816-942-2004,
    Charles “Kid” Nichols, Hilton Smith, and J. L. Wilkinson—Nichols is in Block 16, Lot 237 (Latitude: N 38º 56’ 09.7”, Longitude W 94º 34’ 38.1”); Smith is in Block 25, Lot 67 (Latitude: N 38º 56’ 14.9”, Longitude W 94º 34’ 42.6”); Wilkinson is in Garden Mausoleum I, View 5, Crypt C, Tier 51 (Latitude: N 38º 56’ 16.5”, Longitude W 94º 34’ 50.9”)

Oakwood Cemetery, Cherry Street, Milan, Missouri 63556
    Cal Hubbard, (also member of Pro Football Hall of Fame), (Latitude: N 40º 11’ 56.8”, Longitude W 93º 07’ 57.8”)

St. Louis Metropolitan Area
Resurrection Cemetery, 6901 Mackenzie Road, Affton, Missouri 63123, 314-352-5300
    Red Schoendienst—Section 50, Lot 56A (Latitude: N 38º 34’ 30.8”, Longitude W 90º 19’ 22.9”)

Old Meeting House Presbyterian Church Cemetery, 2250 N. Geyer Road, Frontenac, Missouri 63131
    George Sisler—In columbarium by flag pole and benches (Latitude: N 38º 37’ 21.4”, Longitude W 90º 25’ 12.3”)

Bellerive Gardens, 740 N. Mason Road, Creve Coeur, Missouri 63141, 314-434-3933
    Stan Musial and Lou Brock—Musial is in Lot 6 (Latitude: N 38º 40’ 0.0”, Longitude W 90º 27’ 53.0”); Brock is in Mausoleum 1, Section F (Latitude: N 39º 57.3’, Longitude W 90º 27’ 55.1”)

St. Peter’s Cemetery, 2101 Lucas and Hunt Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63121-5013, 314-385-0841
    James “Cool Papa” Bell—Section 16 (Latitude: N 38º 41’ 14.6”, Longitude W 90º 17’ 37.2”)

St. Lucas Cemetery,11735 Denny Road, Sunset Hills, Missouri 63126-3008, 314-843-2100
    Joe Medwick—Section B (Latitude: N 38º 32’ 14.8”, Longitude W 90º 23’ 19.3”)

I. O. O. F. Community Cemetery, North Church Street, Sullivan, Missouri 63080, 573-468-4879
    Sunny Jim Bottomley (Latitude: N 38º 12’ 58.8”, Longitude W 91º 09’ 45.5”)

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Nebraska (2)
Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery, 2300 S. 78th Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68124, 402-397-3392
    Bob Gibson

Elmwood Cemetery, St. Paul, Nebraska 68873
    Grover Cleveland “Pete” Alexander (Latitude: N 41º 12’ 0.1”, Longitude W 98º 28’ 06.5”)

New Jersey (5)
Glendale Cemetery, 28 Hoover Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003, 973-748-1253
    George “Mule” Suttles—Prospect Section, Block 1, Row 29, Grave 34 (Latitude: N 40º 48’ 21.5”, Longitude W 74º 10’ 26.7”)

East Ridgelawn Cemetery, 255 Main Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey 07014-1317, 973-777-1920
    Frank Grant—Section 14, Block B, Row E, Number 6 (Latitude: N 40º 50’ 27.2”, Longitude W 74º 08’ 25.0”)

Gate of Heaven Cemetery, 225 Ridgedale Avenue, East Hanover, New Jersey 07936, 973-887-0286
Yogi Berra—Section 49, Block A, Tier J, Grave 18 (Latitude: N 40º 48’ 45.0”, Longitude W 74º 22’ 13.8”)

Atlantic City Cemetery, South side of Washington Avenue between Doughty Road and New Road, Pleasantville, New Jersey 08232, 609-646-2260
    John Henry “Pop” Lloyd—Section S, Lot 910 (Latitude: N 39º 23’ 47.2”, Longitude W 74º 32’ 07.8”)

Baptist Cemetery, Yorke Street, Salem, New Jersey 08079
    Leon “Goose” Goslin (Latitude: N 39º 33’ 42.0”, Longitude W 75º 27’ 40.5”)

New Mexico (1)
Greenlawn Cemetery1606 N. Dustin Avenue, Farmington, New Mexico 87401, 505-325-0774
    Ralph Kiner—Middle of the east side of the cemetery (Latitude: N 36º 44’ 41.5”, Longitude W 108º 12’ 01.9”)

New York (23)
Oak View Cemetery, Cemetery Street, Frankfort, New York 13340
    Bud Fowler (John W. Jackson)

Buffalo Metropolitan Area
Mount Olivet Cemetery, 4000 Elmwood Avenue, Tonawanda, New York 14217-1084, 716-873-6500
    Joe McCarthy—St. Anthony’s Garden, Lot 46, Grave 1 (Latitude: N 42º 59’ 37.3”, Longitude W 78º 52’ 37.9”)

Holy Cross Cemetery, 2900 S. Park Avenue, Lackawanna, New York 14218-2498, 716-823-1197
    Jimmy Collins—Section O, Lot 274, G-4 (Latitude: N 42º 49’ 34.3”, Longitude W 78º 49’ 05.0”)

New York City Metropolitan Area
Woodlawn Cemetery, Webster Avenue and East 233rd Street, Bronx, New York 10470, 718-920-0500
    Frank Frisch and Alex Pompez—Frisch is in J-4, Birchhill (Latitude: N 40º 53’ 39.4”, Longitude W 73º 52’ 23.9”), and Pompez is in Cosmos Plot, Section 197, Lot 168 Southeast (Latitude: N 40º 52’ 58.3”, Longitude W 73º 52’ 36.7”)

Christ Church Columbarium, 17 Sagamore Road, Bronxville, New York 10708-1599, 914-337-3544
    Ford Frick—Outdoor Columbarium, Niche 177 (Latitude: N 40º 56’ 33.5”, Longitude W 73º 50’ 02.6”)

Cypress Hills Cemetery, 833 Jamaica Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11208, 718-277-2900
    Jackie Robinson—Section 6 (Latitude: N 40º 41’ 46.4”, Longitude W 73º 52’ 21.2”)

Green-Wood Cemetery, 500 25th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11214-4425, 718-768-7300
    Henry Chadwick—Section 131, Lot 32004 (Latitude: N 40º 39’ 26.8”, Longitude W 73º 59’ 10.4”)

Holy Cross Cemetery, 3620 Tilden Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11203-4032, 718-284-4520
    Gil Hodges—St. Catherine Section, Range B, Grave 191 (Latitude: N 40º 38’ 52.3”, Longitude W 73º 56’ 34.1”)

Gate of Heaven Cemetery, 10 W. Stevens Avenue, Hawthorne, New York 10532-2295, 914-592-5580
    Babe Ruth—Section 25 (Latitude: N 41º 05’ 25.3”, Longitude W 73º 47’ 49.1”)

Locust Valley Cemetery, 117 Ryefield Road, Locust Valley, New York 11560, 516-676-5290
    Whitey Ford, Ketcham Section

Calvary Cemetery, 4902 Laurel Hill Boulevard, Queens, New York 11377-7396, 718-786-8000
    Mickey Welch, Willie Keeler, and Cristóbal Torriente—Welch in Section 4, Range 17, Plot S, Grave 6 (Latitude: N 40º 43’ 53.6”, Longitude W 73º 55’ 49.1”); Keeler in Section 1W, Range 15, Plot B, Grave 5 (Latitude: N 40º 43’ 59.9”, Longitude W 73º 55’ 44.3”); Torriente in Section 39-25-G-7, in communal plot, unmarked (Latitude: N 40º 44’ 29.5”, Longitude W 73º 54’ 30.8”)

St. James the Less Episcopal Church, 10 Church Lane, Scarsdale, New York 10583, 914-723-6100
    Lee MacPhail, Columbarium on the southwest side of the churchyard (Latitude: N 40º 59’ 21.4”, Longitude W 73º 48’ 03.0”)

Frederick Douglass Memorial Park, 3201 Amboy Road, Staten Island, New York 10306-2703, 718-351-0764
    Sol White—Section G, Row 7, Grave 18 (Latitude: N 40º 33’ 48.6”, Longitude W 74º 08’ 09.5”)

Greenfield Cemetery, 650 Nassau Road, Uniondale, New York 11553-2799, 516-483-6500
    John Montgomery Ward—Section 2, Lot 185, Grave 2 (Latitude: N 40º 41’ 34.3”, Longitude W 73º 36’ 25.4”)

Kensico Cemetery, Commerce and Lakeview Avenue, Valhalla, New York 10595, 914-949-0347
    Lou Gehrig, Ed Barrow—Gehrig and Barrow in Cherokee Plot bounded by Ossipee, Cherokee, and Powhaten avenues (Gehrig—Latitude: N 41º 04’ 25.9”, Longitude W 73º 47’ 01.0”; Barrow—Latitude: N 41º 04’ 29.7”, Longitude W 73º 47’ 00.0”), and Jacob Ruppert, Section 53, Lot 2618 (family mausoleum) (Latitude: N 41º 04’ 36.1”, Longitude W 73º 47’ 02.9”)

(Frank Grant in Clifton, New Jersey, and Mule Suttles in Bloomfield, New Jersey, are also in the New York City metropolitan area. See the New Jersey section for more details.)

Quogue Cemetery, East side of Lamb Avenue, .4 miles south of Montauk Highway, Quogue, New York 11959
    Bowie Kuhn (Latitude: N 40º 49’ 00.1”, Longitude W 72º 36’ 18.7”)

St. Mary’s Cemetery, 54 Brunswick Road, Troy, New York 12180-7052, 518-272-0931
    John Evers—Section B, Lot 237 (Latitude: N 42º 43’ 32.4”, Longitude W 73º 39’ 42.5”)

St. Mary’s Cemetery, Convent Avenue, Wappingers Falls, New York 12590
    Dan Brouthers—Section 3, Plot 106 (Latitude: N 41º 36’ 16.0”, Longitude W 73º 55’ 26.0”)

North Carolina (5)
Allensville United Methodist Church Cemetery, 80 Dirgie Mine Road, Allensville (east of Roxboro), North Carolina 27573-9238 (northeast side of Denny’s Store Road, to the southeast of Dirgie Mine Road/Old Allensville Road), 336-599-2820
    Enos “Country” Slaughter (Latitude: N 36º 23’ 27.8”, Longitude W 78º 53’ 10.1”)

Cedarwood Cemetery, Hyde Park Road, Hertford, North Carolina 27944
    Jim “Catfish” Hunter—On east side of Hyde Park Road, which runs north and south through the cemetery, midway through the cemetery (Latitude: N 36º 11’ 02.1”, Longitude W 76º 28’ 15.2”)

New Garden Friends Cemetery, 801 New Garden Road, Greensboro, North Carolina 27410-3231, 336-292-5487
    Rick Ferrell (Latitude: N 36º 05’ 25.0”, Longitude W 79º 53’ 31.0”)

Gardens of Gethsemane, 3020 N. Raleigh Street, Rocky Mount, North Carolina 27801-6411, 252-985-2265
    Walter “Buck” Leonard—Garden Mausoleum (Latitude: N 35º 56’ 58.9”, Longitude W 77º 44’ 26.1”)

Oleander Memorial Gardens, 306 Bradley Drive, Wilmington, North Carolina 28409-2000, 910-799-1686, 910-791-4447
    Willie Stargell—Exterior wall of right side of large mausoleum, far left, second row from top (Latitude: N 34º 12’ 26.6”, Longitude W 77º 49’ 45.6”)

Ohio (17)

Cincinnati Metropolitan Area
Mount Washington Cemetery, Mount Washington, Ohio
    William “Buck” Ewing (Latitude: N 39º 05’ 25.2”, Longitude W 84º 23’ 12.7”)

Spring Grove Cemetery, 4521 Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45232-1954, 513-681-6680
    Waite Hoyt and Miller Huggins—Hoyt in Section 103, Lot 86 (Latitude: N 39º 10’ 28.0”, Longitude W 84º 31’ 25.2”); Huggins in Section 53, Lot 152 (Latitude: N 39º 10’ 18.7”, Longitude W 84º 31’ 32.0”)

Darrtown Cemetery, Shollenbarger Road, Darrtown, Ohio 45056
    Walter Alston (Latitude: N 39º 29’ 39.2”, Longitude W 84º 40’ 34.6”)

Greenlawn Cemetery, 687 U. S. Highway 50, Milford, Ohio 45150-9701, 513-248-5094
    Eppa Rixey—Section 22, Lot 7 (Latitude: N 39º 10’ 17.1”, Longitude W 84º 16’ 37.6”)

Cleveland Metropolitan Area
Hillcrest Memorial Park, 26700 Aurora Road, Bedford Heights, Ohio 44146, 440-232-0035
    Charles “Red” Ruffing—Mausoleum, Crypt 1, Corridor of Devotion, Tier D (Latitude: N 41º 24’ 15.0”, Longitude W 81º 29’ 29.4”)

Calvary Cemetery, 10000 Miles Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44105, 216-696-6525
    Ed Delahanty—Section 10, Lot 135-B, Grave 7 (Latitude: N 41º 26’ 24.7”, Longitude W 81º 36’ 40.9”)

Gates Mills North Cemetery, Gates Mills North Cemetery, Southeast corner of River Oaks Trail and Chagrin River Road (2/10 of a mile north of Sherman Road), Gates Mills, Ohio
    Bob Feller—Lot 105, Grave 5 (Latitude: N 41º 32’ 29.9”, Longitude W 81º 24’ 40.3”)

Knollwood Cemetery, 1678 S. O. M. Center Road, Mayfield Heights, Ohio 44124-4149, 440-442-2800
    Billy Evans—Mausoleum, North Wing Extension, Crypt 749A (Latitude: N 41º 30’ 50.2”, Longitude W 81º 26’ 38.6”)

Crown Hill Cemetery, 8592 Darrow Road, Twinsburg, Ohio 44087-2128, 330-425-8128
    Elmer Flick—Section 28, Lot 65, Grave 1 (Latitude: N 41º 18’ 16.3”, Longitude W 81º 26’ 38.3”)

Green Lawn Cemetery, 1000 Greenlawn Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43223-2618, 614-444-1123
    Billy Southworth—Section 100, Lot 37 (Latitude: N 39º 56’ 13.8”, Longitude W 83º 01’ 54.4”)

Greencastle Cemetery, 2045 Nicholas Road, Dayton, Ohio 45418-2722, 937-263-6321
    Ray Brown—Section H, Row 11, Grave 142 (Latitude: N 39º 44’ 02.1”, Longitude W 84º 13’ 33.9”)

Peoli Cemetery (in yard of United Methodist Church), State Route 258, Peoli, Ohio
    Cy Young (Latitude: N 40º 13’ 38.8”, Longitude W 81º 26’ 07.9”)

Bethel Cemetery, Phillipsburg Road, Phillipsburg, Ohio 45354
    Jesse Haines (Latitude: N 39º 54’ 20.0”, Longitude W 84º 21’ 56.6”)

Rushtown Cemetery, Rushtown, Ohio
    Branch Rickey (Latitude: N 38º 50’ 32.2”, Longitude W 83º 01’ 26.5”)

Calvary Cemetery, 2224 Dorr Street, Toledo, Ohio 43607-3417, 419-536-3751
    Roger Bresnahan—Section 7, Lot 115 (Latitude: N 41º 39’ 14.5”, Longitude W 83º 36’ 02.1”)

Woodlawn Cemetery,1502 W. Central Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43606-4045, 419-472-2186
    Addie Joss—Section 28 (Latitude: N 41º 40’ 49.2”, Longitude W 83º 34’ 56.0”)

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Oregon (1)
Rest Lawn Memorial Park, 94335 Territorial Highway, Junction City, Oregon 97448, 541-998-5810
    Bobby Doerr

Oklahoma (4)
Elmwood Cemetery, West side of N. 9th Street, 1 mile north of U. S. Hwy. 270, Hartshorne, Oklahoma
    Warren Spahn—Block 20 (Latitude: N 34º 51’ 37.3”, Longitude W 95º 33’ 22.8”)

Oak Hill Cemetery, 1311 East Washington, McAlester, Oklahoma 74501, 918-423-7807
    Joe McGinnity—Masonic Section, Block 161, Lot 12 (Latitude: N 34º 55’ 50.1”, Longitude W 95º 44’ 57.7”)

Meeker New Hope, State Highway 18, Meeker, Oklahoma 74855 (1 mile south of U. S. Hwy. 62)
    Carl Hubbell—Section 5, Block 13 (Latitude: N 35º 29’ 04.3”, Longitude W 96º 53’ 33.7”)

Rose Hill Burial Park, 6001 NW Grand Blvd, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118-1299, 405-842-5117
    Lloyd Waner—Section 11 (Latitude: N 35º 31’ 56.2”, Longitude W 97º 32’ 08.7”)

Pennsylvania (19)
Evergreen Cemetery, 799 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325-2611, 717-334-4121
    Eddie Plank—Section X (Latitude: N 39º 49’ 05.4”, Longitude W 77º 13’ 41.3”)

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Rock Street and Center Street, Hughestown, Pennsylvania 18640
    Stanley “Bucky” Harris (Latitude: N 41º 19’ 38.7”, Longitude W 75º 46’ 26.3”)

Union Hill Cemetery, 424 N. Union Street, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania 19348-2428, 610-444-4554
    Herb Pennock—Section CC (Latitude: N 39º 51’ 09.4”, Longitude W 75º 42’ 53.7”)

Lewisburg Cemetery, 201 S. 7th Street, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 17837-1823
    Christy Mathewson (Latitude: N 40º 57’ 27.7”, Longitude W 76º 53’ 17.1”)

St. Catherine’s Cemetery, Route 435 and Main Street, Moscow, Pennsylvania 18444, 570-842-8411
    Hugh Jennings—Section F (Latitude: N 41º 19’ 54.1”, Longitude W 75º 30’ 59.0”)

Saint Cyril and Methodius Church Cemetery, Peckville, Pennsylvania
    Nestor Chylak (Latitude: N 41º 28’ 59.3”, Longitude W 75º 35’ 38.5”)

Philadelphia Metropolitan Area
West Laurel Hills Cemetery, 215 Belmont, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania 19004-1390, 610-664-1591
    Harry Wright—Greenlawn Section, Lot 10 (Latitude: N 40º 00’ 59.4”, Longitude W 75º 13’ 13.4”)

Fernwood Cemetery, 6501 Baltimore Avenue, Fernwood, Pennsylvania 19050-2754, 610-623-0333
    George Stacey Davis—Section 34, Lot 85, Northwest Corner (Latitude: N 39º 56’ 40.8”, Longitude W 75º 15’ 10.2”)

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Cheltenham Avenue and Easton Road, Cheltenham, Pennsylvania 19150, 215-247-0691
    Connie Mack (Cornelius McGillicuddy)—Section 27, Range 1, Lot 20 (Latitude: N 40º 05’ 09.9”, Longitude W 75º 10’ 33.4”)

Gladwyne Methodist Church Cemetery, 316 Righters Mill Road, Gladwyne, Pennsylvania 19035-1537, 610-649-6726
    Richie Ashburn (Latitude: N 40º 02’ 09.5”, Longitude W 75º 16’ 45.7”)

Philadelphia National Cemetery, Haines Street and Limekiln Pike, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19138, 609-877-5460
    Louis Santop—Section N, Site 259 (buried under the name of Louis Santop Loftin); (Latitude: N 40º 03’ 29.3”, Longitude W 75º 09’ 22.6”)

Hillside Cemetery, 2556 Susquehanna Road, Roslyn, Pennsylvania 19001, 215-884-0696
    Charles “Chief” Bender—Cedar Lawn Section, Lot 516 (Latitude: N 40º 06’ 53.8”, Longitude W 75º 08’ 57.5”)

Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area
Allegheny Cemetery, 4734 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201-2999, 412-682-1624
    Josh Gibson—Section 50, Lot SG-C232 (Latitude: N 40º 28’ 28.4”, Longitude W 79º 56’ 46.1”)

Calvary Cemetery 718 Hazelwood Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217-2807, 412-421-9959
    Pud Galvin—Section D, Lot 167 (Latitude: N 40º 24’ 57.4”, Longitude W 79º 55’ 56.0”)

Homestead Cemetery, 2257 Main Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15235-3638, 412-461-1818
    Cum Posey—Lot 88B (Latitude: N 40º 23’ 49.7”, Longitude W 79º 54’ 01.3”)

Homewood Cemetery, South Dallas and Aylesboro Avenues, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217, 412-421-1822
    Harold “Pie” Traynor—Section 20, Lot 16-E (Latitude: N 40º 26’ 40.2”, Longitude W 79º 54’ 40.6”)

Jefferson Memorial Park, 401 Curry Hollow Road, Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania 15236-4636, 412-655-4500
    Honus Wagner—Section 7, Lot 327-C, Space 1 (Latitude: N 40º 19’ 59.8”, Longitude W 79º 58’ 54.5”)

West View Cemetery, 4720 Perry Highway (U. S. Route 19), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15229-2293, 412-931-1600
    Barney Dreyfuss—Section B, Plot 152, Grave 3 (Latitude: N 40º 30’ 12.1”, Longitude W 80º 01’ 23.0”)

St. Thomas Cemetery, Pioneer Drive .3 miles south of U. S. Hwy. 30, St. Thomas, Pennsylvania 17252
    Jacob Nelson “Nellie” Fox (Latitude: N 39º 54’ 50.5”, Longitude W 77º 48’ 09.6”)

Texas (8)
Texas State Cemetery, 909 Navasota, Austin, Texas 78702, 512-463-0605
    Willie Wells—Statesman’s Meadow, Section 2, Row G, Number 33 (Latitude: N 30º 15’ 58.4”, Longitude W 97º 43’ 35.6”)
(Wells was reinterred in Texas State Cemetery in October 2004. He had been buried in Evergreen Cemetery, 3304 East 12th Street, Austin, Texas 78721-1000, 512-478-7152, Section J, Lot 135, Space 13.)

Hillcrest Memorial Park, 7403 W. Northwest Highway, Dallas, Texas 75225, 214-363-5401
    Mickey Mantle—Hillcrest Mausoleum, North St. Matthew, Private Room III (Latitude: N 32º 52’ 05.4”, Longitude W 96º 46’ 49.9”)
(Mantle was previously in North St. Mark within the same mausoleum)

Hornsby Bend Cemetery, Farm Road 969, 1/2 mile northwest of Farm Road 973, Hornsby Bend, Texas
    Rogers Hornsby (Latitude: N 30º 15’ 21.4”, Longitude W 97º 37’ 20.6”)

Houston National Cemetery, 10410 Veterans Memorial Drive, Houston, Texas 77038, 281-447-8686
    Willard Brown—Section G2, Site 3906 (Latitude: N 29º 55’ 44.7”, Longitude W 95º 26’ 51.0”)

Fairview Cemetery, NW Second Street, 1/4 mile southwest of North Mesquite Avenue, Hubbard, Texas 76648, 254-576-2531
    Tris Speaker—Section 1, Block 2 (Latitude: N 31º 50’ 20.3”, Longitude W 96º 48’ 20.5”)

Mission Park Cemetery South, 1700 Southeast Military Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78214-2813, 210-924-4242
    Ross Youngs and Rube Waddell—Youngs is in Block 3, Lot 89 (Latitude: N 29º 20’ 46.1”, Longitude W 98º 28’ 16.8”); Waddell is in Block 5, Lot 182, Space 2 (Latitude: N 29º 20’ 45.8”, Longitude W 98º 28’ 02.2”)

Greenwood Cemetery, between Earle Street and Cotton Belt Avenue, Waco, Texas
    Andy Cooper—Section 4 (Latitude: N 31º 34’ 17.1”, Longitude W 97º 06’ 37.5”)

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Virginia (1)
Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia 22201, 703-697-2131
    Ernest Judson “Jud” Wilson—Section 43, Lot 1114 (Latitude: N 38º 53’ 07.3”, Longitude W 77º 04’ 20.5”)

Washington (2)
Acacia Cemetery, 14951 Bothell Way NE, Seattle, Washington 98125, 206-362-5525
    Amos Rusie—G-5-165-C-2, Holly Section (Latitude: N 47º 44’ 13.4”, Longitude W 122º 17’ 34.8”)

Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, 8601 Riverview Road, Snohomish, Washington 98290, 360-568-4090
    Earl Averill—7th Addition, Block 1, Lot 427, Grave 2 (Latitude: N 47º 55’ 09.8”, Longitude W 122º 07’ 00.7”)

West Virginia (1)
Rosedale Cemetery, 2060 Rosedale Road, Martinsburg, West Virginia 25401-9116, 304-263-4922
    Lewis “Hack” Wilson—Section E, Lot 60 (Latitude: N 39º 27’ 44.7”, Longitude W 77º 56’ 22.0”)

Wisconsin (3)
Clear Lake Cemetery, 5th Street and South Avenue West (Veterans Memorial Drive), Clear Lake, Wisconsin 54005
    Burleigh Grimes—Block 88, Lot 3, Space 2 (Latitude: N 45º 14’ 42.0”, Longitude W 92º 16’ 26.3”)

St. Adalbert’s Cemetery, 3801 South 6th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53221-1703, 414-483-3663
    Al Simmons—Section 17 (Latitude: N 42º 58’ 30.3”, Longitude W 87º 55’ 16.7”)

Greenwood Cemetery, 8402 Tower Avenue, Superior, Wisconsin 54880-6132, 715-392-2837
    Dave “Beauty” Bancroft—Block 5, Tier 2, Grave 4 (Latitude: N 46º 38’ 06.7”, Longitude W 92º 06’ 18.6”)

Cuba (2)
Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón, Havana, Cuba
    José Méndez—entombed within the 1951 Monument to Baseballists (Latitude: N 23º 09’ 01.3”, Longitude W 82º 23’ 53.9”)

Cementerio Municipal Cruces, Cruces, Cienfuegos, Cuba
    Martín Dihigo (Latitude: N 22º 20’ 25.7”, Longitude W 80º 16’ 54.3” at entrance of cemetery)

No Interment Site (26)
    Sparky Anderson, Al Barlick, Roy Campanella, Roberto Clemente, Mickey Cochrane, Larry Doby, Don Drysdale, Joe Gordon, Roy Halladay, Doug Harvey, Monte Irvin, Bob Lemon, Marvin Miller, Minnie Miñoso, Kirby Puckett, Phil Rizzuto, Robin Roberts, Frank Robinson, Ron Santo, A. G. Spalding, Bill Veeck, Earl Weaver, Dick Williams, Ted Williams, Early Wynn, Tom Yawkey

Thanks to Fred Worth for the photo from the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Arizona, where Ted Williams is vitrified. It is not known which of the cylinders contains Williams.

Ralph Carhart also visited Williams’s “resting site” in addition to the sites of the scattering of ashes and other representative spots of those listed above. In 2018, Ralph completed an eight-year journey to bring The Hall Ball to the graves, symbolic sites, and the living inductees, which he chronicled in his book, The Hall Ball: One Fan’s Journey to Unite Cooperstown Immortals with a Single Baseball. Beyond the graves and inductees, the book has a chapter with photos of the symbolic sites of those who have not been interred. For more information, visit The Hall Ball.

Ralph provided photos of the Hall Ball at the site of where ashes were spread or for a symbolic spot for some of the people listed above: Sparky Anderson (Sparky Anderson Field, Thousand Oaks, California), Al Barlick (Abandoned Peabody Coal Mine, Springfield, Illinois), Roy Campanella (Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles), Roberto Clemente (Piñones Beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico), Mickey Cochrane (Shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago), Larry Doby (Larry Doby Field at East Side Park, Paterson, New Jersey), Joe Gordon (Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown), Doug Harvey (Tony Gwynn Stadium, San Diego State University), Monte Irvin (Hinchcliffe Stadium, Paterson, New Jersey), Bob Lemon (Point Loma Nazerene University, Point Loma, California), Kirby Puckett (Puckett statue on plaza outside Target Field, Minneapolis), Phil Rizzuto (Phil Rizzuto Field at Hillsdale High School, Hillsdale, New Jersey), Robin Roberts (Robin Roberts Field, Springfield, Illinois), Ron Santo (Wrigley Field, Chicago), Al Spalding (Point Loma Nazerene University, Point Loma, California), Bill Veeck (Shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago), Earl Weaver (Memorial Field at the Y, Baltimore), Dick Williams (Doubleday Field, Cooperstown), Early Wynn (Progressive Field, Cleveland), Tom Yawkey, Winyah Bay, South Carolina).

Not Yet Known (5)
    Bob Gibson, Al Kaline, Joe Morgan, Tom Seaver, Don Sutton

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Alphabetical List of Dead Hall of Famers
Henry Aaron, South View Cemetery, Atlanta
Grover Cleveland “Pete” Alexander, Elmwood Cemetery, St. Paul, Nebraska
Walter Alston, Darrtown Cemetery, Darrtown, Ohio
Sparky Anderson, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Adrian “Pop” Anson, Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago
Luke Appling, Sawnee View Gardens, Cumming, Georgia
Richie Ashburn, Gladwyne Methodist Church Cemetery, Gladwyne, Pennsylvania
Earl Averill, Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, Snohomish, Washington
Frank Baker, Spring Hill Cemetery of Talbot, Easton, Maryland
Al Barlick, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Dave “Beauty” Bancroft, Greenwood Cemetery, Superior, Wisconsin
Ernie Banks, Graceland Cemetery, Chicago
Ed Barrow, Kensico Cemetery, Valhalla, New York
Jake Beckley, Riverside Cemetery, Hannibal, Missouri
Cool Papa Bell, St. Peter’s Cemetery, Hillsdale, Missouri
Chief Bender, Hillside Cemetery, Roslyn, Pennsylvania
Yogi Berra, Gate of Heaven Cemetery, East Hanover, New Jersey
Sunny Jim Bottomley, I. O. O. F. Community Cemetery, Sullivan, Missouri
Lou Boudreau, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Frankfort, Illinois
Roger Bresnahan, Calvary Cemetery, Toledo, Ohio
Lou Brock, Bellerive Gardens, Creve Coeur, Missouri
Dan Brouthers, St. Mary’s Church, Wappingers Falls, New York
Mordecai “Three-Fingered” Brown, Roselawn Memorial Park, Terre Haute, Indiana
Ray Brown, Greencastle Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio
Willard Brown, Houston National Cemetery, Houston
Morgan Bulkeley, Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford, Connecticut
Jim Bunning, St. Stephen Cemetery, Fort Thomas, Kentucky
Jesse Burkett, St. John’s Cemetery, Worcester, Massachusetts
Roy Campanella, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Max Carey, Woodlawn Park North Cemetery and Mausoleum, Miami
Gary Carter, Riverside Memorial Park, Tequesta, Florida
Alexander Cartwright, Oahu Cemetery, Honolulu
Henry Chadwick, Green-Wood Cemetery, New York City (Brooklyn)
Frank Chance, Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles
A. B. “Happy” Chandler, Pisgah Presbyterian Church, Versailles, Kentucky
Oscar Charleston, Floral Park Cemetery, Indianapolis
Jack Chesbro, Howland Cemetery, Conway, Massachusetts
Nestor Chylak, Saint Cyril and Methodius Church Cemetery, Peckville, Pennsylvania
Fred Clarke, St. Mary’s Cemetery, Winfield, Kansas
John Clarkson, Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Roberto Clemente, No Interment Site (Lost at Sea)
Ty Cobb, Rose Hill Cemetery, Royston, Georgia
Mickey Cochrane, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Eddie Collins, Linwood Cemetery, Weston, Massachusetts
Jimmy Collins, Holy Cross Cemetery, Lackawanna, New York
Earle Combs, Richmond Cemetery, Richmond, Kentucky
Charles Comiskey, Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Evanston, Illinois
Jocko Conlan, Green Acres Memorial Gardens, Scottsdale, Arizona
Tommy Connolly, St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Natick, Massachusetts
Roger Connor, Old St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Waterbury, Connecticut
Andy Cooper, Greenwood Cemetery, Waco, Texas
Stan Coveleski, St. Joseph Polish Roman Catholic Cemetery, South Bend, Indiana
Sam Crawford, Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, California
Joe Cronin, St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, Centerville, Massachusetts
Candy Cummings, Aspen Grove Cemetery, Ware, Massachusetts
Kiki Cuyler, St. Anne Cemetery, Harrisville, Michigan
Ray Dandridge, Fountainhead Memorial Palm Bay, Florida
George Stacey Davis, Fernwood Cemetery, Fernwood, Pennsylvania
Leon Day, Arbutus Memorial Park, Arbutus, Maryland
Dizzy Dean, Bond Cemetery, Bond, Mississippi
Ed Delahanty, Calvary Cemetery, Cleveland
Bill Dickey, Roselawn Memorial Park, Little Rock
Martín Dihigo, Cementerio Municipal Cruces, Cruces, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Joe DiMaggio, Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma, California
Larry Doby, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Bobby Doerr, Rest Lawn Memorial Park, Junction City, Oregon
Barney Dreyfuss, West View Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Don Drysdale, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Hugh Duffy, New Calvary Cemetery, Mattapan, Massachusetts
Leo Durocher, Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles
Billy Evans, Knollwood Cemetery, Mayfield Heights, Ohio
Johnny Evers, St. Mary’s Cemetery, Troy, New York
Buck Ewing, Mount Washington Cemetery, Mount Washington, Ohio
Urban “Red” Faber, Acacia Park Cemetery, Norridge, Illinois
Bob Feller, Gates Mills North Cemetery, Gates Mills, Ohio
Rick Ferrell, New Garden Friends Cemetery, Greensboro, North Carolina
Elmer Flick, Crown Hill Cemetery, Twinsburg, Ohio
Whitey Ford, Locust Valley Cemetery, Locust Valley, New York
Andrew “Rube” Foster, Lincoln Cemetery, Blue Island, Illinois
Bill Foster, Carbondale Cemetery, near Alcorn, Mississippi
Bud Fowler (John W. Jackson), Oak View Cemetery, Frankfort, New York
Nellie Fox, St. Thomas Cemetery, St. Thomas, Pennsylvania
Jimmie Foxx, Flagler Memorial Park, Miami, Florida
Ford Frick, Christ Church Columbarium, Bronxville, New York
Frankie Frisch, Woodlawn Cemetery, New York City (Bronx)
Pud Galvin, Calvary Cemetery, Pittsburgh
Lou Gehrig, Kensico Cemetery, Valhalla, New York
Charlie Gehringer, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, Michigan
Bob Gibson, Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery, Omaha, Nebraska
Josh Gibson, Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh
Warren Giles, Riverside Cemetery, Moline, Illinois
Lefty Gomez, Mount Tamalpais Cemetery, San Rafael, California
Joe Gordon, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Leon “Goose” Goslin, Baptist Cemetery, Salem, New Jersey
Frank Grant, East Ridgelawn Cemetery, Clifton, New Jersey
Hank Greenberg, Hillside Memorial Park, Los Angeles
Clark Griffith, Fort Lincoln Cemetery, Brentwood, Maryland
Burleigh Grimes, Clear Lake Cemetery, Clear Lake, Wisconsin
Lefty Grove, Frostburg Memorial Park, Frostburg, Maryland
Tony Gwynn, Dearborn Memorial Park, Poway, California
Chick Hafey, Holy Cross Cemetery, St. Helena, California
Jesse Haines, Bethel Cemetery, Phillipsburg, Ohio
Roy Halladay, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Billy Hamilton, Eastwood Cemetery, Lancaster, Massachusetts
Ned Hanlon, New Cathedral Cemetery, Baltimore
Will Harridge, Memorial Park Cemetery, Skokie, Illinois
Bucky Harris, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Hughestown, Pennsylvania
Gabby Hartnett, All Saints Cemetery, Des Plaines, Illinois
Doug Harvey, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Harry Heilmann, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, Michigan
Billy Herman, Riverside Memorial Park, Tequesta, Florida
John P. “Pete” Hill, Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery, Alsip, Illinois
Gil Hodges, Holy Cross Cemetery, Brooklyn
Harry Hooper, Aptos Cemetery, Aptos, California
Rogers Hornsby, Hornsby Bend Cemetery, Hornsby Bend, Texas (outside of Austin)
Waite Hoyt, Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati
Cal Hubbard, Oakwood Cemetery, Milan, Missouri
Carl Hubbell, Meeker New Hope Cemetery, Meeker, Oklahoma
Miller Huggins, Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati
William Hulbert, Graceland Cemetery, Chicago
Catfish Hunter, Cedarwood Cemetery, Hertford, North Carolina
Monte Irvin, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Travis Jackson, Waldo Cemetery, Waldo, Arkansas
Hugh Jennings, St. Catherine’s Cemetery, Moscow, Pennsylvania
Ban Johnson, Riverside Cemetery, Spencer, Indiana
Walter Johnson, Rockville Cemetery, Rockville, Maryland
William “Judy” Johnson, Silverbrook Cemetery, Wilmington, Delaware
Addie Joss, Woodlawn Cemetery, Toledo, Ohio
Al Kaline, unknown
Tim Keefe, Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Wee Willie Keeler, Calvary Cemetery, New York City (Queens)
George Kell, Swifton Cemetery, Swifton, Arkansas
Joe Kelley, New Cathedral Cemetery, Baltimore
George Kelly, Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma, California
Mike “King” Kelly, Mount Hope Cemetery, Mattapan, Massachusetts
Harmon Killebrew, Riverside Cemetery, Payette, Idaho
Ralph Kiner, Greenlawn Cemetery, Farmington, New Mexico
Chuck Klein, Holy Cross/St. Joseph Cemeteries, Indianapolis
Bill Klem, Graceland Memorial Park, Coral Gables, Florida
Bowie Kuhn, Undisclosed Location, New York
Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago
Nap Lajoie, Daytona Memorial Park, Daytona Beach, Florida
Tom Lasorda, Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, California
Tony Lazzeri, Sunset Mausoleum, El Cerrito, California
Bob Lemon, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Walter “Buck” Leonard, Gardens of Gethsemane, Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Fred Lindstrom, All Saints Cemetery, Des Plaines, Illinois
John Henry “Pop” Lloyd, Atlantic City Cemetery, Pleasantville, New Jersey
Ernie Lombardi, Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland
Al Lopez, Garden of Memories Cemetery, Tampa
Ted Lyons, Big Woods Cemetery, Big Woods, Louisiana
Connie Mack, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Cheltenham, Pennsylvania
James Raleigh “Biz” Mackey, Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles
Larry MacPhail, Elkland Township Cemetery, Cass City, Michigan
Lee MacPhail, St. James the Less Episcopal Church, Scarsdale, New York
Mickey Mantle, Hillcrest Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas
Effa Manley, Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, California
Rabbit Maranville, St. Michael’s Cemetery, Springfield, Massachusetts
Heinie Manush, Sarasota Memorial Park, Sarasota, Florida
Rube Marquard, Baltimore Hebrew Cemetery, Baltimore
Eddie Mathews, Santa Barbara Cemetery, Santa Barbara, California
Christy Mathewson, Lewisburg Cemetery, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
Joe McCarthy, Mount Olivet Cemetery, Tonawanda, New York
Tommy McCarthy, New Calvary Cemetery, Mattapan, Massachusetts
Willie McCovey, Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma, California
Joe McGinnity, Oak Hill Cemetery, McAlester, Oklahoma
Bill McGowan, Cathedral Cemetery, Wilmington, Delaware
John McGraw, New Cathedral Cemetery, Baltimore
Bill McKechnie, Manasota Memorial Cemetery, Bradenton, Florida
Bid McPhee, Cypress View Mausoleum, San Diego
Joe Medwick, St. Lucas Cemetery, Sunset Hills, Missouri
José Méndez, Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón, Havana, Cuba
Marvin Miller, No Interment Site (Donated to Science)
Minnie Miñoso, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Johnny Mize, Yonah View Memorial Gardens, Demorest, Georgia
Joe Morgan, Rolling Hills Memorial Park, Richmond, California
Stan Musial, Bellerive Gardens, Creve Coeur, Missouri
Hal Newhouser, Oakland Hills Memorial Gardens, Novi, Michigan
Phil Niekro, Memorial Park Cemetery, Flowery Beach, Georgia
Charles “Kid” Nichols, Mount Moriah Cemetery, Kansas City
Hank O’Day, Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Evanston, Illinois
Walter O’Malley, Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, California
Buck O’Neil, Forest Hill & Calvary Cemetery, Kansas City
Jim O’Rourke, St. Michael’s Cemetery, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Mel Ott, Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans
Satchel Paige, Forest Hill & Calvary Cemetery, Kansas City
Herb Pennock, Union Hill Cemetery, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Eddie Plank, Evergreen Cemetery, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Alex Pompez, Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York
Cum Posey, Homestead Cemetery, Pittsburgh
Kirby Puckett, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Charles “Old Hoss” Radbourne, Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, Bloomington, Illinois
Pee Wee Reese, Resthaven Memorial Park, Louisville
Sam Rice, Woodside Cemetery, Brookeville, Maryland
Branch Rickey, Rushtown Cemetery, Rushtown, Ohio
Eppa Rixey, Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford, Ohio
Phil Rizzuto, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Robin Roberts, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Frank Robinson, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Jackie Robinson, Cypress Hills Cemetery, New York City (Brooklyn)
Wilbert Robinson, New Cathedral Cemetery, Baltimore
Wilber “Bullet” Rogan, Blue Ridge Lawn Memorial Gardens, Kansas City
Edd Roush, Montgomery Cemetery, Oakland City, Indiana
Red Ruffing, Hillcrest Cemetery, Bedford Heights, Ohio
Jacob Ruppert, Kensico Cemetery, Valhalla, New York
Amos Rusie, Acacia Memorial Park, Seattle, Washington
Babe Ruth, Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Hawthorne, New York
Ron Santo, No Interment Site (Cremated, Scattered in Wrigley Field, Chicago)
Louis Santop (Loftin), Philadelphia National Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ray Schalk, Evergreen Cemetery, Evergreen Park, Illinois
Red Schoendienst, Resurrection Cemetery, Affton, St. Louis
Tom Seaver, unknown
Frank Selee, Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, Massachusetts
Joe Sewell, Tuscaloosa Memorial Park, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Al Simmons, St. Adalbert’s Cemetery, Milwaukee
George Sisler, Old Meeting House Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Frontenac, Missouri
Enos “Country” Slaughter, Allensville United Methodist Church Cemetery, Allensville, North Carolina
Hilton Smith, Mount Moriah & Freeman Cemetery, Kansas City
Duke Snider, Masonic Cemetery, Fallbrook, California
Billy Southworth, Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio
Warren Spahn, Elmwood Cemetery, Hartshorne, Oklahoma
A. G. Spalding, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Tris Speaker, Fairview Cemetery, Hubbard, Texas
Willie Stargell, Oleander Memorial Gardens, Wilmington, North Carolina
Norman “Turkey” Stearnes, Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery, Clinton Township, Michigan
Casey Stengel, Forest Lawn Glendale, Glendale, California
George “Mule” Suttles, Glendale Cemetery, Bloomfield, New Jersey
Don Sutton, unknown
Ben Taylor, Arbutus Memorial Park, Arbutus, Maryland
Bill Terry, Evergreen Cemetery, Jacksonville, Florida
Joe Tinker, Greenwood Cemetery, Orlando, Florida
Sam Thompson, Elmwood Cemetery, Detroit
Cristóbal Torriente, Calvary Cemetery, New York City (Queens), unmarked
Pie Traynor, Homewood Cemetery, Pittsburgh
Dazzy Vance, Stage Stand Cemetery, Homosassa Springs, Florida
Joseph “Arky” Vaughan, Eagleville Cemetery, Eagleville, California
Bill Veeck, No Interment Site (Cremated, Scattered in Lake Michigan)
Honus Wagner, Jefferson Memorial Park, Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania
Rube Waddell, Mission Park Cemetery South, San Antonio, Texas
Bobby Wallace, Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, California
Ed Walsh, Forest Lawn North, Pompano Beach, Florida
Lloyd Waner, Rose Hill Burial Park, Oklahoma City
Paul Waner, Manasota Memorial Cemetery, Bradenton, Florida
John Montgomery Ward, Greenfield Cemetery, Uniondale, New York
Earl Weaver, No Interment Site (Cremated)
George Weiss, Evergreen Cemetery, New Haven, Connecticut
Mickey Welch, Calvary Cemetery, New York City (Queens)
Willie Wells, Texas State Cemetery, Austin, Texas
Zack Wheat, Forest Hill & Calvary Cemetery, Kansas City
Deacon White, Restland Cemetery, Mendota, Illinois
Sol White, Frederick Douglass Memorial Park, Staten Island, New York
Hoyt Wilhelm, Palms Memorial Park, Sarasota, Florida
J. L. Wilkinson, Mount Moriah & Freeman Cemetery, Kansas City
Dick Williams, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Joe Williams, Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, Suitland, Maryland
Ted Williams, No Interment Site (Vitrified/Frozen)
Vic Willis, St. John’s Cemetery, Newark, Delaware
Ernest Judson “Jud” Wilson, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia
Hack Wilson, Rosedale Cemetery, Martinsburg, West Virginia
George Wright, Holyhood Cemetery, Brookline, Massachusetts
Harry Wright, West Laurel Hills Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania
Early Wynn, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Tom Yawkey, No Interment Site (Cremated)
Cy Young, Peoli Cemetery (in yard of United Methodist Church), Peoli, Ohio
Ross Youngs, Mission Park Cemetery South, San Antonio, Texas

    (Campanella is often listed as being interred in Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles; however, he was only cremated there, and his ashes were given to the family. This is also the case with Bob Lemon and Forest Lawn Cemetery in Long Beach, California. Veeck is often listed as being interred in Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago, the same cemetery in which Judge Kenesaw Landis and Capt. Adrian Anson are buried; however, Oak Woods has no record of interment for Veeck. According to the family, Veeck’s ashes were scattered in Lake Michigan. Drysdale had been interred in Forest Lawn Glendale in Glendale, California, until his ashes were picked up by the family in February 2002.)

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    #New York Daily News, Sunday, August 26, 2007

    $$Palm Beach Post, Saturday, July 26, 2008

    *In trying to make this list as complete and accurate as possible, I have visited the gravesite of every Baseball Hall of Famer known to have a grave, crypt, niche, or other type of public interment site (in addition to having been at the site of Don Drysdale’s interment before his urn was picked up by his family) through late 2010. The graves that have a photo are ones I’ve visited.
    Please be aware that, while the addresses of the cemeteries remain constant, phone numbers can change from time to time, particularly area codes.
    The first list of Baseball Hall of Fame graves I ever saw was one compiled by Bill Ivory in the Society for American Baseball Research’s 1982 Baseball Research Journal. The Baseball Hall of Fame also maintains a list of gravesites of its inductees. Both lists contain only the name of cemetery and city, not a street address nor a specific location for the grave within the cemetery. This information is necessary to visit these graves, and many people have assisted me in compiling these details and tracking down the graves.
    These folks include Charlie Bevis, Eric Sallee, A. J. Marik, Frank Russo, Steve Johnson, Mike Frank, Paul Wendt, Mark Alvarez, Carolyn Thomas (daughter of Walter Johnson), Davey Whitney of Alcorn State University, Jerry Malloy, Bill Nowlin, Kit Krieger, Barry Bengtsson, Larry Lester, Glenn Gostick, Sean Holtz, Michael Sekeres, David Lotz, Bob Bailey, Bob Schaefer, Jim Tootle, Rich Pray, Dwayne Isgrig, Dick Clark, Jim Paboucek, Steve Gietschier, Chip Martin, Dick Thompson, Lugenia Leonard (widow of Buck Leonard), Rex Hamann, John Bennett, Joe Williams, Todd Watkins (great-great-grandson of Deacon White), Bill Lee, Jim Pereira, Dan Cichalski, Mike Veeck (son of Bill Veeck), Ralph Carhart, Mike Bojanowski, Hal Neisler, Bill Courtney, Don Holthaus, and Bill Deane as well as numerous cemetery officials, city clerks, town historians, and others from around the country.
    The search for the grave of John P. “Pete” Hill was challenging. Hill was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2006, but it wasn’t until November 2010 that Jeremy Krock tracked down his gravesite at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Alsip, Illinois. Many other Society for American Baseball Research members were involved in this hunt, including Howard Henry, Joe Marren, Gary Ashwill, Patrick Rock, Tim Copeland, Zann Nelson, Fred Worth, and Rod Nelson.
    Cemetery workers have also been helpful in directing me to my destination within cemeteries. One was nice enough to remove the glass panel on the niche containing Bid McPhee’s urn and lift it out of the niche so I could get a better photo of it. My favorite, however, was a cemetery worker in Jacksonville, who, while taking me to Bill Terry’s crypt, said (with a definite note of pride), “I put him in there.” It’s always nice to meet a person who enjoys his work.
    —Stew Thornley


    **I didn’t get a GPS unit until after I had completed my first circuit of all the graves of Baseball Hall of Famers. Now, as I go back with a GPS unit, I am able to mark the latitude and longitude of the graves (or the outside of a mausoleum for those who are in mausoleums since a GPS unit can’t get a signal inside), which will make it easier for people with GPS units to find the graves. I’m also grateful to David Vincent, Mike Frank, Ginny Michaels, John Neff, Rick Bradley, David Shannon, Al Neff, Denis Repp, Ralph Carhart, Bob Tholkes, Dean Thilgen, Fred Worth, John Rickert, Jim Blessing, Barry Bengtsson, and Tom McElroy for sending me the coordinates for graves they have visited. Anyone else wishing to contribute the latitute-longitude coordinates for a Hall of Fame grave that doesn’t already have them will be acknowledged here, as well. Please send them to me at Thanks.

Chuck McGill has used the GPS coordinates from this site to assemble a Google Earth file of the gravesites.


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Baseball Hall of Fame
Deadball Era Gravesite List
Information on The Baseball Necrology, a book with listings of gravesites of baseball players

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