Minneapolis Millers - Compiled by Stew Thornley
1955 - American Association, 92-62-2, 1st place (Junior World Series champions) - Standings, statistics, and notes follow game-by-game results
Manager: Bill Rigney
*Scheduled for seven innings
Date Opponent Outcome Record Notes
Th 4/14 at Indianapolis Indians W 5-0 1-0 Winning pitcher-Al Worthington 1-0.  4-hitter by Worthington.  Rance Pless and Gail Harris.  First  home-opener loss for Indianapolis since 1942.
F 4/15 at Indianapolis L 2-9 1-1 Losing pitcher-Bud Byerly 0-1.  Pless homers.  Harris injured in a collision with Indianapolis's Jim Dyck and suffers concussion.  Indians score 8 runs in the 9th.
Sa 4/16 at Indianapolis L 3-8 1-2 LP-Margoneri 0-1.
Su 4/17-1 at Louisville Colonels W 6-4 2-2 WP-Ralph Branca 1-0.  Bob Lennon reaches for a pitch on the outside corner and lines a single to center to drive in Wayne Terwilliger to break a 2-2 tie, the first run in a 4-run 8-th inning rally, when Jerry Casale tries to intentionally walk him.  Intentional walks became more difficult in 1955 with the catcher's box now 43 inches wide rather than extending out into a triangle form, as it had previously been.
Su 4/17-2 at Louisville Colonels L 5-8 2-3 LP-Jim Graves 0-1.  Millers starting pitcher Jim Constable inadvertently throws a strike while trying to intentionally walking a batter.   Louisville manager Red Marion, unhappy over losing the first game by a botched intentional walk, announced a $25 fine for any pitcher throwing a strike when trying to intentionally walk a batter, and later had his pitchers report early before a game to practice throwing intentional balls.
M 4/18 at Louisville Colonels W 15-14 3-3 WP-Harry Nicholas 1-0.  Lennon hits a grand slam in a 7-run 2nd inning.  Millers build leads of 9-0 and 15-2.  Pless and Carl Sawatski also homer for the Millers.
Tu 4/19 at Louisville Colonels L 2-14 3-4 LP-Worthington 1-1.
Th 4/21 Toledo Sox W 5-4 4-4 WP-Whitey Konikowski 1-0.  Wilson hits 2 home runs.  Sawatski homers.  Millers win in the 9th on Wilson's single to score Terwilliger from second before 5,467 fans in the final opener at Nicollet Park.
F 4/22 Toledo L 6-8 4-5 LP-Nicholas 1-1.  Lennon's second grand slam of the season ties the game 5-5 in the 5th, but Toledo breaks a 6-6 tie with 2 runs in the 7th.
Sa 4/23 Toledo L 2-6 4-6 LP-Ramon Monzant 0-1.
Su 4/24-1 Charleston Senators, rain
*Su 4/24-2 Charleston, rain
M 4/25 Charleston W 5-4 5-6 WP-Worthington 2-1.  Luke Easter of Charleston hits his 5th home run, leads Association.
*Tu 4/26-1 Charleston W 12-1 6-6 WP-Jim Constable 1-0.  HR-Harris, Sawatski, Wilson, Pless.
Tu 4/26-2 Charleston W 10-9 (12) 7-6 WP-Byerly 1-1.  HR-Harris, Lennon, Pless.  Pless's homer, leading off the 12th, wins the game.
W 4/27 Charleston W 6-1 8-6 WP-Monzant 1-1.  Terwilliger's homer extends hitting streak to 9 games.
Th 4/28 Toledo W 7-2 9-6 WP-Branca 2-0.
F 4/29 Toledo W 9-1 10-6 WP-Worthington 3-1.  7-hitter by Worthington as Millers move into first place.  Pless and Harris homer.
Sa 4/30 Toledo W 17-3 11-6 WP-Constable 2-0.  Harris hits 2 homers.  Gip Dickens and Terwilliger also homer.
Su 5/1 at Charleston W 8-2 12-6 WP-Monzant 2-1.  9th straigh win.  Lennon hits 4th home run.
M 5/2 at Charleston W 6-3 13-6 WP-Margoneri 1-1.  Harris hits 2 home runs (8 for the sesason).
Tu 5/3 at Charleston L 6-7 (10) 13-7 LP-Constable 2-1.  Ed Bressoud drops a pop up with 2 out in the 10th, allowing Bobby Winkles to score from second with the winning run.
W 5/4 at Charleston L 2-4 13-8 LP-Branca 2-1.
Th 5/5 Louisville W 10-1 14-8 WP-Monzant 3-1.  Monzant strikes out 14.  Bressoud and Lennon homer.
F 5/6 Louisville W 9-8 15-8 WP-Konikowski 2-0.  Millers were down 7-0.  Pless, Eric Rodin, and Lennon homer.  Millers have 40 home runs, 18 at Nicollet Park.  Pless doubles home 2 runs in the 7th to provide the winning margin.
Sa 5/7 Louisville W 8-1 16-8 WP-Worthington 4-1.  Pless, Lennon, and Sawatski homer on cold night (41 degrees at gametime with the temperature going down during the game).
Su 5/8 Louisville W 7-6 (10) 17-8 WP-Byerly 2-1.  Harris's 2-run homer ties the game in the 8th, and his 2-out homer in the 10th (his 10th homer of the season) wins the game.  Harris hitting .400 (with Pless leading the league at .404).
Tu 5/10 Indianapolis W 9-8 18-8 WP-Margoneri 2-1.  All Minneapolis runs are on home runs: Lennon 3 (10 for season), Harris (11), Wilson (3-run homer in the 7th to put the Millers ahead to stay), Bressoud.  Millers are on a record-setting pace with 52 homers in 26 games.
*W 5/11-1 Indianapolis W 9-4 19-8 WP-Nicholas 2-1.  Lennon breaks 4-4 tie in the 5th with his third grand slam of the season.  Sawatski and Chico Ibanez also homer.
W 5/11-2 Indianapolis L 1-11 19-9 LP-Worthington 4-2.  Dave Hoskins pitches a 1-hitter for Indianapolis, allowing only a home run by Pless in the 5th inning (17th straight game in which the Millers have homered).
Th 5/12 at St. Paul Saints L 0-9 19-10 LP-Branca 2-2.  Millers stopped by Ron Negray's 2-hitter.
F 5/13 St. Paul W 8-3 20-10 WP-Margoneri 3-1.  HR-Bressoud, Terwilliger, Harris.
Sa 5/14 at St. Paul W 6-3 21-10 WP-Monzant 4-1.
Su 5/15 St. Paul W 6-5 22-10 WP-Nicholas 3-1.  Sawatski homers.  St. Paul manager Max Macon listed Tim Thompson on his lineup card as catcher but started Ernie Yelen at catcher.  Thompson pinch hit for Yelen in the 8th.  Though the situation called for intentionally walking Thompson, Bill Rigney let him hit, knowing he could be called out if he got a hit (because he had already been in the game when listed on the lineup card).  Thompson grounded out.  Rigney waited until Thompson took the field in the last of the 8th and then asked umpire Einar Sorenson to check the lineup card.  Thompson was not alloweed to continue, leaving the Saints without a regular catcher.  Pitcher Don Bessent had to catch.  With the score tied in the last of the 9th, the Millers had the bases loaded with 1 out.  Lennon singled home Terwilliger with the winning run.
M 5/16 at Denver Bears L 2-8 22-11 LP-Worthington 4-3.  (Denver moved from Kansas City.)
Tu 5/17 at Denver W 8-4 23-11 WP-Margoneri 4-1.  Lennon hits 12th home run, adds single and double, and now has 43 RBIs.
W 5/18 at Denver, rain
Th 5/19 at Omaha Cardinals W 5-2 24-11 WP-Monzant 5-1.  (Omaha moved from Columbus.)
F 5/20 at Omaha Cardinals L 1-9 24-12 LP-Constable 2-2.
Sa 5/21 at Omaha Cardinals L 2-5 24-13 LP-Worthington 4-4.
Su 5/22 at Omaha Cardinals W 6-3 25-13 WP-Margoneri 5-1.
M 5/23 Denver W 6-5 (10) 26-13 WP-Monzant 6-1.
Tu 5/24 Denver W 3-2 27-13 WP-Constable 3-2.  Bressoud hits 2-run homer.  In his first game back with the Millers, Foster Castleman hits a bad-hop single with 1 out in the 9th to score Ray Dabek with the winning run.
W 5/25 Denver W 12-4 28-13 WP-Worthington 5-4.  Sawatski homers, and Harris hits 2 three-run homers.
Th 5/26 Omaha, rain
F 5/27 Omaha W 17-6 29-13 WP-Margoneri 6-1.  Margoneri strikes out 14.  Harris hits another three-run homer (16th home run of the season to lead the league).  Joe Bracchitta hits 2 home runs.  Wilson also homers.
Sa 5/28 Omaha W 5-2 30-13 WP-Monzant 7-1.  Harris and Wilson homer.  Millers have hit 73 home runs.
Su 5/29-1 Omaha W 8-7 31-13 WP-Worthington 6-4.
*Su 5/29-2 Omaha W 5-1 32-13 WP-Constable 4-2.  Pless hits grand slam.
M 5/30 a.m. St. Paul W 14-12 33-13 WP-Konikowski 3-0.  9th straight win.  Bressoud, Rodin, Lennon, and Harris homer.
M 5/30 p.m. at St. Paul L 5-9 (13) 33-14 LP-Worthington 6-5.  Roy Hartsfield hits a grand slam with 1 out in the last of the 13th.
Tu 5/31 at St. Paul L 1-3 33-15 LP-Margoneri 6-2.  Giants call up Monzant and send Al Corwin to the Millers.
W 6/1 St. Paul W 8-3 34-15 WP-Constable 5-2.  Giants recall Harris.  Millers get infielder Billy Gardner to replace Harris.  Lennon hits 3 homers, giving him 17 to tie with Harris, wh left after the game.  Pless, Wilson, and Bressoud also homer.
F 6/3 at Indianapolis L 5-6 (13) 34-16 LP-Byerly 2-2.  HR-Wilson, Lennon, Terwilliger.
Sa 6/4 at Indianapolis W 7-5 35-16 WP-Margoneri 7-2.  HR-Castleman, Pless.
Su 6/5-1 at Indianapolis W 10-8 36-16 WP-Byerly 3-2.  Lennon separates shoulder after falling during pre-game workouts.
*Su 6/5-2 at Indianapolis L 7-9 36-17 LP-Constable 5-3.
M 6/6 at Louisville W 3-0 37-17 WP-Konikowski 4-0.
Tu 6/7 at Louisville, wet grounds
*W 6/8-1 at Louisville W 2-1 38-17 WP-Al Corwin 1-0.
W 6/8-2 at Louisville W 6-5 (11) 39-17 WP-Nicholas 4-1.
Th 6/9 at Louisville L 0-4 39-18 LP-Worthington 6-6.
F 6/10 Indianapolis, rain
*Sa 6/11-1  Indianapolis L 2-3 (10) 39-19 LP-Byerly 3-3.  First home loss since May 11.
Sa 6/11-2 Indianapolis L 2-10 39-20 LP-Constable 5-4.
Su 6/12-1 Indianapolis W 6-5 40-20 WP-Nicholas 5-1.
*Su 6/12-2 Indianapolis L 2-4 40-21 LP-Margoneri 7-3.
M 6/13 Louisville L 6-8 40-22 LP-Byerly 3-4.
Tu 6/14 Louisville L 5-6 40-23 LP-Konikowski 4-1.
W 6/15 Louisville L 7-8 40-24 LP-Nicholas 5-2.  Manager Bill Rigney pinch-hits after being activated because of injuries to several players.  Gardner hits 2 home runs.
Th 6/16 Louisville L 5-8 40-25 LP-Corwin 1-1.  First-place lead over Toledo cut to 2-1/2 games. Gardner homers again but makes 2 errors in the 8th that lead to 4 unearned runs.
F 6/17 at Toledo L 2-4 40-26 LP-Constable 5-5.  
Sa 6/18 at Toledo W 7-5 41-26 WP-Worthington 7-6.
Su 6/19-1 at Toledo L 1-2 41-27 LP-Konikowski 4-2.
*Su 6/19-2 at Toledo L 1-5 41-28 LP-Branca 2-3.
M 6/20 at Charleston W 8-3 (12) 42-28 WP-Branca 3-3.  Bressoud breaks 3-3 tie in the 12th with a three-run homer.  Gardner adds inside-the-park homer.  
Tu 6/21 at Charleston W 9-3 43-28 WP-Constable 6-5.
*W 6/22-1 at Charleston W 9-2 44-28 WP-Corwin 2-1.  Rigney doubles home 2 runs with his first hit of the season.
W 6/22-2 at Charleston W 5-2 45-28 WP-Worthington 8-6.  Worthington also homers.
Th 6/23 New York Giants (ex.) W 9-5 WP-Branca.  Willie Mays homers in the first inning for the Giants, who are in fourth place, 17 games behind first-place Brooklyn, creating rumors that Rigney will replace Giants manager Leo Durocher.  Giants leave Monte Irvin with the Millers and call up Terwilliger.
F 6/24 Toledo W 6-4 46-28 WP-Konikowski 5-2.  In Millers debut, Irvin gets 2 hits.
Sa 6/25 Toledo W 8-4 47-28 WP-Constable 7-5.  Irvin gets 4 hits.
Su 6/26-1 Toledo L 1-4 47-29 LP-Worthington 8-7.  Irvin gets 3 hits, giving him 7 hits in 7 at bats as part of a streak in which he reached base 11 straight times.
*Su 6/26-2 Toledo W 11-3 48-29 WP-Corwin 3-1.
M 6/27 Charleston W 11-9 49-29 WP-Bobby Hogue 1-0.
*Tu 6/28-1 Charleston L 2-4 49-30 LP-Nicholas 5-3.
Tu 6/28-2 Charleston L 3-12 49-31 LP-Konikowski 5-3.
W 6/29 Charleston L 2-9 49-32 LP-Constable 7-6.
Th 6/30 at Omaha, rain
F 7/1 at Omaha L 7-11 49-33 LP-Corwin 3-2.  Stu Miller wins 11th game for Omaha, which trails Minneapolis by 1 game.
Sa 7/2 at Omaha L 5-9 49-34 LP-Konikowski 5-4.  Cardinals tie Millers for first.
Su 7/3 at St. Paul W 4-1 50-34 WP-Worthington 9-7.
M 7/4 a.m. at St. Paul W 4-1 51-34 WP-Corwin 4-2.
M 7/4 p.m. St. Paul L 1-2 51-35 LP-Constable 7-7.
Tu 7/5 St. Paul L 6-13 51-36 LP-Konikowski 5-5.
Th 7/7 at Denver L 10-13 51-37 LP-Byerly 3-5.  Millers tied for first with Toledo and Omaha.
F 7/8 at Denver L 3-6 51-38 LP-Corwin 4-3.
Sa 7/9 at Denver L 4-8 51-39 LP-Nicholas 5-4.  Lennon returns after being sidelined with a shoulder separation since June 5.
*Su 7/10-1 at Denver W 3-2 52-39 WP-Worthington 10-7.  First game a twilight game, scheduled for 7 innings.  HR-George Wilson 2, Sawatski.
Su 7/10-2 at Denver W 10-6 53-39 WP-Konikowski 6-5.  Bressoud hits grand slam and Pless homers twice.  Sweep puts Millers into first-place tie with Toledo.  The next morning, Minneapolis wins the coin flip to host the All-Star Game.  
M 7/11 Omaha W 7-5 54-39 WP-Constable 8-7.  Wilson's homer onto Nicollet Avenue leading off the 7th breaks 5-5 tie.
Tu 7/12 Omaha L 8-12 54-40 LP-Corwin 4-4.
*W 7/13-1 Omaha L 5-7 54-41 LP-Byerly 3-6.
W 7/13-2 Omaha L 5-10 54-42 LP-Margoneri 7-4.
Th 7/14 Denver L 3-5 54-43 LP-Worthington 10-8.  Millers drop to third place.
F 7/15 Denver W 8-7 (11) 55-43 WP-Byerly 4-6.  Millers score twice off Don Larsen to tie the game in the 9th.  Bears take the lead in the 11th on a squeeze bunt by Bobby Richardson.  With one out and one on in the bottom of the inning, Wilson hit his second homer of the game, giving him 21 homers, tops in the league.  Earlier in the game, Lennon had hit his 20th home run. Millers trade Gip Dickens to Charleston for Ron Northey and Floyd Melliere.
Sa 7/16 Denver W 5-3 56-43 WP-Nicholas 6-4.  Northey gets 4 hits, including a 2-run homer in the 8th inning.
Su 7/17-1 Denver L 2-8 56-44 LP-Konikowski 6-6.  Denver player-manager Ralph Houk and Sawatski get into a fight and are ejected after Houk, trying to score from second, lowered his shoulder and charges into Sawatski at the plate.  Lennon hits his 21st home run to tie Wilson for the league lead.
*Su 7/17-2 Denver W 5-3 57-44 WP-Floyd Melliere 1-0.  Sawatski hits grand slam, his 20th homer of the season, in the 4th inning to give the Millers a 4-3 lead.
M 7/18 at St. Paul L 6-8 57-45 LP-Worthington 10-9.  Millers get Don Bollweg from Indianapolis.  Bollweg, then with Kansas City, had been the American Association Most Valuable Player in 1952.  Seven Millers - Lennon, Sawatski, Worthington, Margoneri, Pless, Gardner, and Wilson - get voted to the All-Star team (even though they won't play for the All-Stars since Minneapolis is hosting the game.
Tu 7/19 St. Paul L 3-5 57-46 LP-Constable 8-8.
W 7/20 at St. Paul L 2-4 57-47 LP-Nicholas 6-5.
Th 7/21 American Association All-Star Game at Nicollet Park L 6-16 LP-Branca.  Trailing 5-2 after 6, the All-Stars score 11 runs in the 7th.  Don Larsen of Denver is the winning pitcher (Larsen was 8-1, with his only loss coming against the Millers July 10).  Larsen also hits a 2-run homer in the 9th.  Northey, Lennon, and Gardner of the Millers homer.  Branca was released from the Millers the next day.
S 7/23 at Indianapolis L 4-10 57-48 LP-Corwin 4-5.  Rocky Colavito hits 2 home runs for Indianapolis.  Millers fall to fourth place.
*Su 7/24-1 at Indianapolis W 2-1 58-48 WP-Worthington 11-9.
Su 7/24-2 at Indianapolis L 2-16 58-49 LP-Constable 8-9.
M 7/25 at Indianapolis W 9-6 59-49 WP-Melliere 2-0.  Down 5-1, Millers score 7 in the 6th, a rally that includes 2-run homers by Northey and Lennon.
Tu 7/26 at Louisville L 3-5 59-50 LP-Konikowski 6-7.
W 7/27 at Louisville, rain Millers drop to 5th place.
*Th 7/28-1 at Louisville W 3-0 60-50 WP-Worthington 12-9.
Th 7/28-2 at Louisville W 5-2 61-50 WP-Corwin 5-5.  Doubleheader sweep puts Millers into tie for second, 2 games out of first.
F 7/29 Indianapolis W 7-2 62-50 WP-Constable 9-9.  Lennon hits 24th home run to tie Charleston's Luke Easter for the league lead.  Bressoud, Gardner, and Irvin also homer.
Sa 7/30 Indianapolis L 5-6 62-51 LP-Byerly 4-7.
Su 7/31-1 Indianapolis W 5-2 63-51 WP-Nicholas 7-5.
Su 7/31-2 Indianapolis W 5-2 64-51 WP-Worthington 13-9.
M 8/1 Louisville W 5-2 65-51 WP-Corwin 6-5.
Tu 8/2 Louisville W 10-1 66-51 WP-Constable 10-9.  Lennon hits 26th homer to take over league lead.  Millers move into first by .001 percentage points over Denver.
W 8/3 Louisville L 3-12 66-52 LP-Melliere 2-1.  Millers drop to third, 1 game behind Denver, and 1/2 behind Toledo.
Th 8/4 at Toledo W 6-3 67-52 WP-Worthington 14-9.  Millers move past Toledo and also past Denver, into first by .001 point.
F 8/5 at Toledo W 5-2 68-52 WP-Corwin 7-5.  Irvin homers twice.
Sa 8/6 at Toledo, rain Idle by the rainout, Millers fall out of first by 1/2 game.
*Su 8/7-1 at Toledo W 3-2 69-52 WP-Constable 11-9.
Su 8/7-2 at Toledo W 3-2 70-52 WP-Konikowski 7-7.  Sweep puts Millers back into first, by 1 game over Denver.
M 8/8 at Charleston W 5-3 71-52 WP-Worthington 15-9.
Tu 8/9 at Charleston W 9-8 72-52 WP-Byerly 5-7.  Wilson and Sawatski homer.
W 8/10 at Charleston W 4-0 73-52 WP-Nicholas 8-5.
Th 8/11 Toledo W 4-2 74-52 WP-Melliere 3-1.  With 2 out in the 9th, Bollweg doubles to bring in Pless with the tying run.  Rigney bats for Melliere and, on the first pitch, homers to right to win the game.  Millers now lead Denver by 3 games and are 4-1/2 ahead of Toledo and Omaha.
F 8/12 Toledo W 4-2 75-52 WP-Konikowski 8-7.
Sa 8/13 Toledo W 2-1 76-52 WP-Worthington 16-9.  Worthington carries shutout in the 9th.
Su 8/14 Toledo W 10-5 77-52 WP-Margoneri 8-4.  Gardner and Irvin each hit 2 homers.  Bollweg and Northey also homer.  
M 8/15 Charleston W 11-10 78-52 WP-Corwin 8-5.  Down 8-3, Millers score 8 unearned runs in the 8th and hold on for their 12th straight win, surviving one-out homers in the ninth by Gip Dickens and Earl Battey (the second home run of the game for Battey).  Wilson, Gardner, and Irvin homer for the Millers.  Gardner is recalled by the Giants to replace the shortstop Alvin Dark, who has broken ribs.  Millers get Lou Ortiz from Richmond of the International League to replace Gardner.  
Millers' 8-run 8th: With one out Pless struck out but reached first when the pitch from Vito Valentinetti was wild.  (In 1955 and 1956 pitchers were charged with an error but no wild pitch when a batter reached base after a strikeout.)     Lennon hit a liner to left that Dickens dropped for another error.  Sawatski singled off first-baseman Luke Easter's glove, loading the bases.  Bressoud doubled to right for two runs.  Loren Myers relieved Valentinetti.  Bracchitta hit a sinking liner to left that dropped for a single.  However, Sawatski held up at third in case the ball was caught, then took off, and Dickens was able to throw to Battey at the plate to retire Sawatski.  Gardner, in what became his last at-bat for the Millers, singled to score Bressoud and send Bracchitta to third.  Bollweg doubled, his fourth hit of the game, to drive in Bracchitta and Bollweg and tie the game.  Moe Savransky relieved.  Wilson grounded to second-baseman Gerry Jacobs, who misplayed the ball, allowing Wilson to reach base and Bollweg to come home with the go-ahead run.  Irvin homered.
Tu 8/16 Charleston W 10-4 79-52 WP-Konikowski 9-7.  Ortiz homers in Millers debut.  Lennon (27) and Wilson (26) also homer.
W 8/17 Charleston W 7-2 80-52 WP-Worthington 17-9.  Pless hits 22nd homer.
Th 8/18 St. Paul W 5-4 81-52 WP-Byerly 6-7.  Wilson and Lennon homer, giving the Millers 199 for the season.  Lennon's homer, with 2 out in the 9th, wins the game.  15th straight win for the Millers, breaking their record of 14, set in June 1946.  American Association record is 21 straight wins, set by Milwaukee in 1921.
F 8/19 at St. Paul L 2-3 81-53 LP-Corwin 8-6.
S 8/20 St. Paul L 8-9 81-54 LP-Byerly 6-8.  Bressoud homers to give the Millers 200 for the season.  Wilson and Irvin also homer.  Saints are down 8-7 with 2 out and none on but put runners at second and third off Byerly.  Norm Larker singles to right to score 2 runs, the winning run sliding in ahead of Wilson's throw and bringing an argument from Sawatski that gets him ejected by umpire Walter Doyle.  In the last of the ninth Wilson leads off with a single.  Irvin bunts and is called out for interference with the catcher while starting to run to first, causing another argument that gets Rigney kicked out of the game.
Su 8/21 at St. Paul W 9-3 82-54 WP-Worthington 18-9.  Irvin hits 2 home runs.  Bressoud also homers.
*M 8/22-1 at Omaha W 6-5 83-54 WP-Byerly 7-8.  HR-Bressoud, Sawatsk.
M 8/22-2 at Omaha W 4-2 84-54 WP-Konikowski 10-7.  HR-Pless, Ortiz.
Tu 8/23 at Omaha W 16-13 (protested) Down 13-8, the Millers score 8 runs in the 9th for a 16-13 win.  With the score tied 13-13 the Millers had runners at first and second with no out.  Rigney pinch-hit for Melliere and flied out.  Bressoud singled to drive in one run, and Wilson later doubled two more runs home.  After the game, Omaha general manager Bill Bergesch protested the game, claiming that Rigney was an ineligible player because he had been removed and then reinstated to the active list more than once during the season (in violation of a National Association regulation regarding player-managers).  League president Ed Doherty took part of the blame for allowing Rigney back on the active list on July 30 but upheld the protest and ordered the game replayed from the point of protest.
W 8/24 at Omaha L 6-10 84-55 LP-Margoneri 8-5.  HR-Irvin, Ortiz, Northey.
Th 8/25 at Omaha - completion of protested game W 16-14 85-55 WP-Melliere 4-1.  The protested game resumed with the score 13-13 with runners on first and second and no out.  With two out Bollweg homered.  (Irvin had homered earlier the game.)  After Omaha's protest was upheld, Toledo general manager Red Smith protested that Rigney’s home run to win the August 11 game for the Millers over Toledo should be disallowed.  Doherty, however, pointed out that protest papers must be filed within 24 hours after the game.
Th 8/25 at Omaha L 6-7 85-56 LP-Al Olsen 0-1.  Sawatski homers.
F 8/26 at Denver T 4-4  (7, rain) 85-56-2 Denver scores 4 runs in the last of the 7th to tie the game and has runners on second and third with two out when umpire-in-chief Bob Stewart calls the game.  Bressoud homers.
*Sa 8/27-1 at Denver, rain
Sa 8/27-2 at Denver, rain Rained out games will be made up at Nicollet Park when Denver comes to Minneapolis.
*Su 8/28-1 at Denver W 9-3 86-56 WP-Constable 12-9.  Wilson homers to give the Millers 217 home runs for the season, tying the American Association record set by the Millers in 1939.
Su 8/28-2 at Denver L 9-22 86-57 LP-Nicholas 8-6.  Sawatski's 25 home run gives the Millers 218, breaking the league record.  Ortiz, Bollweg, and Lennon also homers.  Denver scores 10 in the 5th for a 15-7 lead.
M 8/29 Omaha W 5-3 87-57 WP-Worthington 19-9.  Bressoud hits 3-run homer with 1 out in the last of the 9th to give Worthington his 19th win of the season.  Bollweg also homers.
Tu 8/30 Omaha W 5-3 88-57 WP-Konikowski 11-7.  Wilson homers.  After the game, the team listens past midnight to hear St. Paul's 6-4 win at Denver, clinching the pennnant for the Millers.
W 8/31 Omaha L 7-9 88-58 LP-Corwin 8-7.  Pless is named American Association Most Valuable Player and hits 2 home runs.  Outfielder Willie Kirkland reports to Millers from Sioux City (where he had hit 40 home runs) to replace Ron Northey, who was sent to the Chicago White Sox on August 26.
*Th 9/1-1 Denver W 6-5 (9) 89-58 WP-Byerly 8-8.  Millers score 3 in the 7th to tie the game and send it into extra innings.  Irvin's sacrifice fly in the last of the 9th scores Byerly.  Sawatski homers.
Th 9/1-2 Denver T 6-6 (11) 89-58-2 Pless homers.  Lennon drives in his 100th run.  Marv Throneberry hits his 35th home run of the year for Denver.
*F 9/2-1 Denver L 2-4 89-59 LP-Margoneri 8-6.  HR-Bollweg.
F 9/2-2 Denver L 2-4 89-60 LP-Worthington 19-10.  HR-Ortiz.  Worthington's 9-game winning streak is stopped.
*Sa 9/3-1 Denver W 4-0 90-60 WP-Melliere 5-1.  HR-Bollweg.  
Sa 9/3-2 Denver W 9-4 91-60 WP-Nicholas 9-6.  HR-Bracchitta, Dabek, Lennon.
Su 9/4 St. Paul L 5-6 91-61 LP-Konikowski 11-8.  Saints score 3 in the 9th to win with 29-year-old player-manager Max Macon driving in the tying run with a single.  Bollweg and Lennon homer.  
M 9/5 a.m. St. Paul L 6-10 91-62 LP-Corwin 8-8.  HR-Sawatski, Kirkland.
M 9/5 p.m. at St. Paul W 5-1 92-62-1 WP-Margoneri 9-6.  Lennon hits 31 home run to tie Wilson for the team lead, 241st home run for the Millers.
W 9/8 Denver W 9-8 1-0 WP-Nicholas.  Worthington starts, and the Millers trail 8-5 going into the last of the 9th.  Bollweg and Wilson homer (the third homer of the game for Wilson).  Irvin doubles and Pless beats out bunt to put runners at first and third.  Bressoud dumps a single to score the tying run and send Pless to second.  Dave Garcia (a recent addition after having managed Mayfield in the Kitty League), hit for Nicholas and bloops a single to short left.  Dick Tettlebach's thrown bounces to catcher Darrell Johnson, but Pless crashes into Johnson, knocking the ball loose, to score the tying run.
Th 9/9 Denver W 4-2 2-0 WP-Constable.  Worthington pitches the final three innings.  Lennon, Ortiz, and Sawatski homer.
F 9/10 at Denver W 9-7 3-0 WP-Konikowski.  HR-Bollweg, Irvin.  Worthington pitches the final 2 innings.
Sa 9/11 at Denver W 9-8 (13) 4-0 WP-Byerly.  Wilson hits a grand slam in the 9th to give the Millers a 7-6 lead.  Irvin follows with his second home run of the game.  Whitey Herzog ties the game in the last of the 9th with a 2-run single off Constable.  Worthington relieves and pitches through the 11th.  Pless wins the game with a home run in the top of the 13th.  Millers hit 14 homers in the series.
Th 9/15 Omaha W 8-5 1-0 WP-Worthington.  7-hitter by Worthington.  Bollweg homers.  Frank Carswell hits a grand slam for Omaha.
F 9/16 Omaha W 8-6 2-0 WP-Nicholas.  10 home runs by both teams account for all the runs.  Pless opens scoring in the 2nd with an inside-the-park home run when centerfielder Charlie Peete misses a try for a shoestring catch.  Ortiz, Wilson, Lennon, Irvin, and Sawatski also homer for the Millers (Irvin's a 3-run homer in the 7th to put the Millers ahead 7-6).  Don Blasingame, Dick Schofield, Carswell, and Jerry Thomas homer for Omaha.
Sa 9/17 at Omaha L 1-3 (protested)
In a scoreless game, Stu Miller held the Millers hitless through the first 6 innings.  Leading off the 7th, Irvin took a half-swing at an 0-1 pitch, and third-base umpire Bob Stewart, without waiting for a request for help from the plate umpire, Eddie Taylor, signaled that Irvin had gone far enough with his swing for the pitch to be called a strike.  Taylor, however, ruled the pitch a ball, bringing Miller off the mound to ask why he refused to accept Stewart’s call.  Invoking a league rule calling for the automatic ejection of any pitcher protesting a ball or strike decision, Taylor threw Miller out of the game.  The Omaha fans, seeing their pitcher ejected while working on a no-hitter, began hurling seat cushions and other debris on the field.   The umpires consulted with league president Ed Doherty, who overruled Taylor and  allowed Miller to stay in the game.  Rigney announced his intent to protest the game should the Millers lose.  When the game resumed, Stu Miller retired Irvin and Pless, but lost his no-hitter and shutout when Lennon hit a towering fly over the 380-foot mark in left-center.  In the last of the eighth, Dick Rand homered with one out off Konikowski to tie the game.  One out later, Wally Lammers singled and Blasingame homered to right.  Omaha won 3-1, but, in a midnight meeting in a downtown Omaha hotel, Doherty upheld Rigney's protest (overturning his own decision), and ordered the game replayed from the point of protest (top of the 7th with Irvin at bat with a 1-1 count, the game scoreless, and Stu Miller - whose no-hitter was resurrected by the protest - ejected from the game).
Su 9/18 at Omaha - completion of protested game W 7-2 3-0 WP-Worthington.  Bob Tiefenauer pitched for Omaha when the game resumed and Irvin reached base on an error and was sacrificed to second.  Lennon (who had broken up the game the previous night with a homer) narrowly missed another homer, tripling off the center-field fence to break up the no-hitter again.  Garcia squeezed Lennon home, and the Millers added 5 in the 8th, 3 on a bases-loaded double by Worthington, who had taken the mound for the Millers upon resumption of the game.  Even though Konikowski was still officially in the game when it resumed, Worthington was credited with the win.
Su 9/18 at Omaha W 7-3 4-0 WP-Margoneri.  Pless homers.  Millers hit 8 home runs in the series and become the first team to win 8 straight American Association playoff games.
Junior World Series
W 9/21 at Rochester Red Wings W 8-3 1-0 WP-Worthington.  7-hitter by Worthington.  Sawatski and Irvin each hit a 2-run homer.
Th 9/22 at Rochester L 3-7 1-1 LP-Constable.  6-hitter by Cot Deal of Rochester.  Kirkland homers for the Millers.  Red Wings take a 3-0 lead in the 4th, all unearned runs because of 2 errors by Bressoud.  Rochester scores 4 in the 5th on a 3-run homer by Jackie Brandt and a solo homer by Stan Jok.
F 9/23 at Rochester, rain
Sa 9/24 at Rochester L 1-11 1-2 LP-Konikowski.  Gary Blaylock pitches a 3-hitter and drives in 3 runs with a home run and single.  Lennon homers for Minneapolis.  New York Giants announce that Rigney will replace manager Leo Durocher in 1956.
Su 9/25 Rochester W 7-3 2-2 WP-Worthington.  8-hitter by Worthington, who strikes out 12 and walks 1.  Pless and Lennon hit back-to-back homers in the second.  Brandt ties game in the 3rd with a home run.  With the score 3-3 in the 8th Irvin hits a long homer to left.  Millers add 3 more runs in the inning.
M 9/26 Rochester L 4-8 2-3 LP-Constable.  Lennon and Ortiz hit 2-run homers off Deal, who wins his 5th game of the playoffs without a loss.  Red Wings get 14 hits off Constable, Byerly, and Mellier.
Tu 9/27 Rochester W 4-3 (10) 3-3 WP-Worthington, who relieves in the 8th and gives up only 1 hit in 3 innings.  Wilson, 0 for 16 in the series coming into the game, gets three hits, including an eighth-inning homer to tie the game and a 10-inning homer to win it.  Sawatski also homers for the Millers.
W 9/28 Rochester W 9-4 4-3 WP-Melliere.  With the Millers short on pitchers, Byerly makes his first start of the season and gives up a leadoff home run to Howie Phillips.  Rochester scores another in the inning, and Melliere relieves Byerly.  Lennon hits a 3-run homer off Deal in the 4th for a 3-2 lead, and Sawatski follows with a home run.  Irvin adds a homer in the sixth for a 5-2 lead.  Rochester scores 2 in the 7th, and Worthington relieves Melliere, going the rest of the way.  Millers make the score 9-4 in the 7th on a 2-run homer by Bollweg and 2-run double by Lennon.
W L Manager
Minneapolis 92 62 Bill Rigney
Omaha 84 70 John Keane
Louisville 83 71 John "Red" Marion
Denver 83 71 Ralph Houk
Toledo 81 73 George Selkirk
St. Paul 75 78 Max Macon
Indianapolis 67 86 Kerby Farrell
Charleston 50 104 Danny Murtaugh-Vern Rapp
Player Games Batting Average Home Runs Runs Batted In Position
Alex Cosmidis 3 1.000
Monte Irvin 75 .352 14 52 of
Ron Northey* 98 .344 16 53 of
Rance Pless 156 .337 26 107 1b-3b
Billy Gardner 73 .310 17 48 2b-3b
George Wilson 140 .307 31 99 of
Gail Harris 44 .303 17 43 1b
Foster Castleman 43 .302 4 10 3b
Wayne Terwilliger 72 .297 4 28 2b
Joe Bracchitta 106 .297 7 32 1b-of
Bob Lennon 114 .280 31 104 of
Don Bollweg* 77 .274 12 39 1b
Gip Dickens* 118 .273 15 62 1b-of
Willie Kirkland 9 .273
Carl Sawatski 142 .268 27 72 c
Lou Ortiz 26 .267 6 15 2b
Ed Bressoud 145 .251 19 74 ss
Dave Garcia 5 .250
Eric Rodin 42 .246 3 16 of
Chico Ibanez* 34 .221 1 9 ss
Ray Dabek 52 .220 1 7 c
Fred Richards* 79 .218 6 19 1b-of
Bill Rigney 12 .182 1 4
Dick Getter 6 .176
Ray Mueller 3 .000
Pitcher G IP W L ERA
Al Worthington 38 239 19 10 3.58
Jim Constable 45 199 12 9 4.57
Whitey Konikowski 38 157 11 8 4.76
Floyd Melliere* 38 163 10 7 4.91
Harry Nicholas 39 156 9 6 5.08
Ramon Monzant 12 85 7 1 3.60
Bud Byerly 50 80 8 8 3.60
Bobby Hogue 18 33 1 0 4.64
Joe Margoneri 26 119 9 6 5.14
Al Corwin 30 138 8 8 5.41
Al Olsen 11 19 0 1 7.11
Ralph Branca 25 66 3 3 7.36
Charley Fowler 3 0 0
Jim Graves 4 0 1
*Northey, Dickens, Ibanez, Richards, and Melliere’s statistics include games played with Charleston in 1955, and Bollweg’s statistics include games with Indianapolis.
Rance Pless led the American Association with a .337 batting average and 116 runs, and Al Worthington led the Association with 19 wins.  Minneapolis set an Association record with 241 home runs.  Pless was named the American Association Most Valuable Player.