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Executive Editor: Stew Thornley


Milkees Press Publications

    State Champions: The Story of the Buhl Bulldogs’ Rise to Glory in 1941 and 1942 by George R. Rekela, ISBN 0-9619505-0-1

    Stanley Cup Champions by George R. Rekela and Roger A. Godin, ISBN 0-9619505-5-2

    Old Coaches Joke Book by Pike Garrity, ISBN 0-9619505-4-4

    Boots and the Buccaneers: The Story of the 1951 Minnesota State Champion Gilbert High School Basketball Team by George R. Rekela, ISBN 0-9619505-6-0

    On the Hot Seat: Official Scorers and No-Hitters by Stew Thornley, ISBN 0-9619505-1-X

    Lost in the Ninth: No-Hitters Broken Up in the Ninth Inning Since 1961 by Stew Thornley, ISBN 0-9619505-3-6

    Rising North Stars: The Expansion Years of Minnesota NHL Hockey by Stew Thornley, ISBN 0-9619505-2-8

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